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What Does Green Mascara Do?

Does This Green Mascara Work, Or Do We Look Like Swamp Thing?

In the world of colored mascaras, blue, brown, and plum get all the credit. Green, however, is like the cousin who people always forget to invite to family dinner. Sure, blue makes your eyes brighter, and brown and plum give definition without being as harsh as black, but certainly green does some good as well, right? Otherwise, why would it exist? To see how green mascara looks on, and read about what it's designed to do, just keep reading.

Green mascara is supposed to enhance verdant tones in every eye color. My sister, whose orbs are the color of unripe olives, is a big fan. I, however, have dark blue eyes, so I threw on this fancy new Sue Devitt Lash Intensifier Treatment & Lengthening Mascara in Golden Triangle ($49) to see what would happen. The effect? Decidedly subtle. I think it took some of the gray out of my eyes and intensified the color a bit, which was nice. If I hadn't just tinted my lashes, I'd definitely consider using green again. How about you? Have you ever used green mascara? And if you have brown eyes, did it work for you?

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ashleyheatherr ashleyheatherr 6 years
I love the color green...I should try this. Black gets boring sometimes.
EricaJane EricaJane 6 years
i'm intrigued.. i can't tell what you're wearing is green at all, which is maybe the point.. i might try it..
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