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What Does a Round Brush Do?

Hairbrushes: Round

Many a times, I have stood in front of the hairbrush aisle facing, to me, what seems like a zillion choices — flat, round, skinny, soft-bristled, and/or balls on the ends? It's enough to make the head spin right 'round. And cue the 80s music.

Are you confused on which brush to choose? Well, fret no more. All this week I'm featuring ins and outs of hairbrushes so that you can pick what you think is best for your lovely locks.

The round brush, which is known for delivering great curls and flips, also volumizes and straightens hair by providing an appropriate amount of grip while blow-drying. A larger diameter base will give loads of volume, and works well for longer styles, while a smaller diameter base will provide tighter waves, and works great on shorter styles.

Ceramic or metal brushes are a specialized type of round brush, working with the heat of your blow-dryer, allowing you to create styles and manipulate your hair much like that of a curling iron.

Try Spornette Pronto Round Brush ($12.99) or Umberto Round Brush ($12.99) for voluminous results.

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bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I recently bought a round brush, and I like it quite a lot. It's probably a little large for my short hair, but I'm gonna grow it out anyway so I figured why not go for the larger size. :) It's great for blow drying my bangs, and getting my hair to curl under instead of out like it tends to do!
emalove emalove 8 years
Me too, hair is a big fly-away mess with natural bristles. I avoid them.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I find the one with natural bristles tends to give me static. Any way to rectify that?
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