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What to Expect at the Dermatologist's Office

What to Expect at the Dermatologist

Perhaps you're a regular at the dermatologist and go once or more a year, but maybe you've never made a visit to the skin doctor before. Whatever the case, you can get more out of your visit if you're prepared. Here are a few points to consider so that you can make your next trip to the derm a breeze. To find out what they are, just keep reading.

  • Be prepared for a full body look-over: First, your dermatologist or an assistant will ask questions regarding your skin, from how you care for it to any concerns you might have. Next, you'll have time in private to strip down to your bra and underwear. Every doctor is different, but most will provide paper coverings for you if you're feeling overexposed. (Perhaps this is not the time to wear a racy thong.) Once you're ready, your dermatologist will do a full-on scan from head to toe. Do you have a mole next to your nipple or somewhere in the nether regions? Be sure to mention it, and remember that doctors see it all, so don't be shy.
  • Don't be scared: If your doc finds something suspicious and has to biopsy it, don't jump to conclusions. Even if the results aren't what you'd like to hear, there are many treatment options available. The fact that you're at the office in the first place (and hopefully make it a yearly routine) is a step in the right direction.
  • Ask questions: It's a two-way street. Your doctor will definitely ask you questions, but it's also your chance to get expert advice on product recommendations, prescription side effects, and the ins and outs of your skin regimen. Also, don't be afraid to ask for samples.
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