If you're curious about Brazilian waxing, it can't hurt to try it. Well, actually, it can and will hurt — but that's why I've created this guide to your first time. First of all, let's get our definition straight. A Brazilian wax removes all of the hair from front to back, usually (but not always) leaving a thin "landing strip" of hair a few inches below the belly button. Expect it to cost anywhere from $40 to $80. To find out how much pain to expect,


Read these tips for a painless wax before you head to the spa, and at the very least, take Ibuprofen an hour before your appointment. At the spa, you'll be shown to the waxing room to change out of your pants or skirt (including underpants). For a more modest bikini wax, you'll sometimes get a paper thong; for a Brazilian, you'll more likely be naked from the waist down. If you're like me, you'll feel ridiculous standing around half-naked.

Your waxer will ask you to lie down on your back. That's a good time to ask any questions so that you're both clear on what you want to have removed. After that, she'll probably dust your hair and skin with baby powder, which keeps the wax from sticking to your skin. Most waxers will ask you to assist by holding your skin taut or moving your legs a certain way; some will even ask you to kneel down and stick your bottom out so she can remove all of the hairs there. After the waxing is done, the esthetician will probably tweeze any stray hairs.

As for the pain, I won't lie: It's intense, but it's also fairly brief. It usually hurts more to have the hair on your pubis removed than the hair near your vagina, so be prepared for that. Your hairlessness should last for up to four weeks, at which point you can go back in for another round of waxing.