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What Is Hair Gloss?

What Is Hair Gloss? You Might Be More Familiar With It Than You Think

What Is Hair Gloss?
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While you might scratch your head when you hear "gloss" at the salon, the jargon your hairstylist is using actually means the same thing as toner, or semipermanent color.

Unlike permanent color (or dye, but don't call it that — your colorist won't like it), the results of gloss will only last four to six weeks before you need a touch-up, but it is less damaging than permanent color. "Dye only deposits color because it opens up the hair shaft while processing and deposits it," said celebrity hairstylist Linet K. Gloss, on the other hand, which can be clear or contain color, only sets color on the cuticle, and some brands formulate it with conditioning agents.

If you're looking to cover grays, Linet K says you need to go with permanent dye. But if you're looking to maintain the health of your hair or add shine, gloss is your best bet.

Ahead, check out my before-and-after photos after Linet K used a chocolate brown gloss.

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