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What Is This Hair Thing?

What Do You Call These?

There are few designations as likely to cause an argument among friends, I've found, than what exactly the item to the right should properly be called. We almost all use them, but the variety of terminology is quite wide, and I never realized till I moved away from home for college that they could be called anything other than what I'd grown up knowing them as. So what's it gonna be? What are these incredibly helpful little hair devices to you?

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RachLA RachLA 7 years
hair BINDER! I guess I'm weird.
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 7 years
Pony tail holder.
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 7 years
Pony tail holder.
stephcorinn stephcorinn 7 years
I've always said "rubber band" or "ponytail holder." I know when I lived in the South, people made fun of me for "rubber band" so maybe that's when I started using "ponytail holder."
chelseacbboyles chelseacbboyles 7 years
I call them "hair elastics" and sometimes, very rarely "rubberbands" which seems silly because I think of a rubberband as something that goes around the newspaper, for example, or around a bunch of asparagus at the grocery store! haha!
Nadia24gv Nadia24gv 7 years
Hair ties. They tie up my hair.
mrsld mrsld 7 years
ponytail holders. Unless covered in fabric and then a scrunchy.
Stacey-Cakes Stacey-Cakes 7 years
Back in my cheerleading days (and the early/mid 90's) we called these "hardies" and the big fabric scrunchies, "softies". But now I call them 'hair elastics' or just elastics.
confidante confidante 7 years
They've always been scrunchies to me
xoxoxx xoxoxx 7 years
Scrunchies! :D
xoxoxx xoxoxx 7 years
Scrunchies! :D
mguy414 mguy414 7 years
I call them hair thingie(s). Not hair thing, gotta be a thingie even if I only have one!! Sometimes I call them ponytail holders, if in polite company :) I may call it a hair tie sometimes.... I don't really monitor it! But my hair is sooo short now, I have no use for hair thingies...sad
RobyTose RobyTose 7 years
I've always called them "binders." I thought that was common! Guess not!
lcterp lcterp 7 years
ponytail holders.
lcterp lcterp 7 years
ponytail holders.
rach716 rach716 7 years
I call them hair bands 90% of the time... otherwise hair tie
llamawich llamawich 7 years
pony o's? hahahahaha
llamawich llamawich 7 years
pony o's? hahahahaha
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