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What Kind of Makeup to Wear With a Red Bridesmaid's Dress

What Makeup Would You Wear With This Red Bridesmaid's Dress?

Reader woodlawngirl recently posed this question in the BellaSugar Q and A group:

I'm in a wedding. The dress I'm wearing is apple red. Do I wear red lips (either stain or gloss) or smoky eyes and nude lips? This is the dress and color of the bridesmaid dress. I am lighter than the model with light brown hair [and] blond highlights... Although I'm slightly worried a red gloss or stain would be too matchy-matchy, I'm also afraid of heavy eyes, especially if I cry at all during the ceremony!

Great question, woodlawngirl. To see what I think, just read more.

While I'm a fan of smoky eyes and nude lips, why not play up the vibrant red in the gown? In this case, matching your lipstick to the dress can work, especially since the color appears to be such a universally-flattering hue. Also, since it's the bride's time to shine and the tone of the dress is so punchy, I'd go with a super subtle, sheer true red, like Lipstick Queen's Red Saint ($18) or NYX's Tube Lip Gloss in Red ($5.50).

As for the eyes, avoid going overboard by lining them with a waterproof pencil in a medium or dark brown shade, and add a sweep of a slightly shimmery light-toned shadow on the lids, in a color like champagne, soft bronze, or muted pink. Top off your palette with a touch of bronzer, a pop of pink blush, and some waterproof mascara. Also, be sure to stay away from the match-everything look, which can be dated, and keep your nails a neutral shade.

Readers, that's my opinion. What's yours? Be sure to tell us how you'd do it, in the comments below.

gingrlj gingrlj 7 years
I wore a very similar dress to my bro's and sis-in-law's evening wedding. I went with a very clean, natural look. Since I knew there would be laughing and crying I always go for waterproof mascara, black and smudge-proof lipstick. I went a shade a tad warmer than my regular lips to not clash with the deep red dress.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Love your ideas. Thanks all!
Rouge14 Rouge14 7 years
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 7 years
i completely agree with Rouge14 that is what i was going to say :) I would also suggest an opaque light nude color. sounds like you are tanner than I am (aka have any color what so ever) and I think nude lips with bright but mild nail color would look awesome :D
Rouge14 Rouge14 7 years
I'd go for a soft light brown nude kind of look on the eyes with maybe some waterproof eyeliner (in case you shed a few tears :)) and baby pink gloss or stain for the lips to kind of contrast with the deep red color of the dress and bring some light to your overall look :)
smart-blonde smart-blonde 7 years
I think red lips with the red dress would be much too matchy-matchy. What about metallic and neutral shades? You could use a champagne color (like Stila Kitten) on the eyelid, a dark brown or black waterproof liner (or maybe even plum!), and mascara. Then for cheeks do a gold or bronze tone (maybe something like Benefit "10" blended together), and a sheer metallic lip gloss (I'm addicted to Cover Girl ShineBlast "Flare") over a not-too-Gwen-Stefani red lip. I love a Gwen Stefani red lip, but not for this occasion. Ooh, ooh, my favorite red gloss is NARS "Scandal," maybe that could work, as it's sheer but has a very true red color.
zeze zeze 7 years
I would definitely for with the smokey eye and nude lips. The red lips would be too much with all that red fabric and eye make up looks better one me than bold lips. So I say try both and see what is more flattering on your face first then decide. I think eye makeup is nicer on most people than heavy lips, usually, but you never know.
mew01 mew01 7 years
I think matchy matchy lips would look too dated and not to mention too high maintenence! For a summer wedding, I would keep it light and breezy. I would do a shimmery pink gloss and pink blush with a brown eyeliner (waterproof) and brown color palette on the eyes, I like the brown shades in Dior's Tropical Light 5 color eyeshadow. I also would recommend Revlon Fantasy Lengths fake eyelashes. Don't worry! They already have adhesive on them so it is as simple as sticking them on! I wore them to a wedding last weekend and got tons of compliments. Hope this helps!!!
eneriyma eneriyma 7 years
I've worn a similar colored red dress with a red lip - but I tried about a dozen lipsticks before I found the right color. I think nude would be pretty as well, or a nude gloss with golden tones. I'd try both and take a few pictures as a test and put them side by side to see what you prefer. Red was a popular dress color for awards season this year - you might go back and look at pictures for inspiration.
la-dee-da-dee la-dee-da-dee 7 years
I'm not a huge fan of the matchy-matchy look. Your description of yourself is similar to my features.. I would do the nude lips, i like heidi klums makeup here: hope it helps!
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