Reader woodlawngirl recently posed this question in the BellaSugar Q and A group:

I'm in a wedding. The dress I'm wearing is apple red. Do I wear red lips (either stain or gloss) or smoky eyes and nude lips? This is the dress and color of the bridesmaid dress. I am lighter than the model with light brown hair [and] blond highlights... Although I'm slightly worried a red gloss or stain would be too matchy-matchy, I'm also afraid of heavy eyes, especially if I cry at all during the ceremony!

Great question, woodlawngirl. To see what I think, just read more.

While I'm a fan of smoky eyes and nude lips, why not play up the vibrant red in the gown? In this case, matching your lipstick to the dress can work, especially since the color appears to be such a universally-flattering hue. Also, since it's the bride's time to shine and the tone of the dress is so punchy, I'd go with a super subtle, sheer true red, like Lipstick Queen's Red Saint ($18) or NYX's Tube Lip Gloss in Red ($5.50).

As for the eyes, avoid going overboard by lining them with a waterproof pencil in a medium or dark brown shade, and add a sweep of a slightly shimmery light-toned shadow on the lids, in a color like champagne, soft bronze, or muted pink. Top off your palette with a touch of bronzer, a pop of pink blush, and some waterproof mascara. Also, be sure to stay away from the match-everything look, which can be dated, and keep your nails a neutral shade.

Readers, that's my opinion. What's yours? Be sure to tell us how you'd do it, in the comments below.