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Milk-Bath Nails: What They Are and How to Wear Them

25 Ways to Wear Milk-Bath Nails, the Prettiest Nail-Art Trend to Sweep Instagram

Milk-Bath Nails: What They Are and How to Wear Them

In a word, milk-bath nails are dreamy. In more words, the nail-art trend is an artistic portrayal of one of the most decadent, relaxing beauty treatments one could undergo โ€” the milk bath (which, if you are unfamiliar, involves a mix of milk and water with a spiral of colorful flowers). Now, this nail trend doesn't involve climbing into an actual bath of milk, but it does mimic the luxurious look of one on the tips of your fingers.

If you're wondering what makes up a milk-bath nail look, manicurist Elle Gerstein, who has created works for celebrities like Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Chastain, breaks it down for us. "Milk-bath nails are acrylic nails where colorful dried flowers are embedded into a milky color acrylic," she says. You can also opt to lean into the "milky" color and skip the floral element, depending on your personal preference, which is something a lot of celebrities do. Gerstein also explains that creating this look shouldn't take any longer than it does to do gel. "Depending on [the] length [of your nail] and how fast your tech is, [it could take] about an hour or two," she says.

The nail trend has swept across Instagram as full-set manicures and accent nails. Rita Ora recently wore milk-bath nails by Los Angeles-based manicurist Lisa Kon. Sofia Carson, on the other hand, wore them to promote her new Netflix movie "Purple Hearts." Then you have Jennifer Lopez who had a simple milk-bath manicure while on the press tour for her movie, "Marry Me." As we said, it's a celebrity favorite.

The best part about this trend is it looks beautiful on every nail length. If you have no idea where to begin, check out the prettiest examples we could find ahead.

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