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What's More Important in a Stylist, Looks or Personality?

What's More Important in a Stylist: Talent or Personality?

I once left a stylist because our chemistry was terrible. Yeah, he gave great cuts, but the interaction with him was so uncomfortable that I sometimes skipped the blowdry altogether in an effort to avoid further awkwardness.

Another stylist was like a best friend: warm, bubbly, and likable all around. But, she never heeded warnings about those pesky cowlicks, and my wild tufts of hair and I had to go elsewhere.

We all wish we could find the perfect combo of talent and personality, but if you had to pick just one, what would you choose?


Allytta Allytta 8 years
i don'r care if they talk to me or not, actually i prefer to be left alone, just talk to me to ask me about my wants ;)
akroque91 akroque91 9 years
Talent because if I am paying a person to do my hair then It should be done right.
tcadet1 tcadet1 9 years
I honestly think my hair dresser Denise is an absolute jerk sometimes, but she knows how to take care of my hair.
chiquita29 chiquita29 9 years
Talent! If it got awkard i'd just get lost in a magazine (of course i'd look up once in a while to make sure the stylist was giving me the cut I wanted).
Cuppitycake Cuppitycake 9 years
Talent, for sure! I love my stylist, but most often times I'm conducting business on my Blackberry (read: Crackberry), and really can't be bothered with her stories of her wild weekends with her boyfriend!
md12398 md12398 9 years
talent. i get a good chat out of my friends, and i don't have to pay them!
Cris1192 Cris1192 9 years
Talent is so much more important! My stylist oculd be the biggest wallflower ever but if (s)he had tha talent I wouldn't care.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
for me - talent is more important. i don't like to talk to people - stylist or otherwise. i like to have my magazine or what have you and just let them do their thing. i've had stylists that just like to talk and talk and talk and to me, #1 it's annoying and #2, when there's a lull in conversation it's just awkward. i think that for myself - unless i'm really good friends with the stylist - then it's something that i'd consider.
AllaWallaBalla AllaWallaBalla 9 years
I generally prefer not to do the obligatory chit-chat thing anyway. I find that bubbly, talkative stylists tend to pay less attention to what they're doing.
kathili kathili 9 years
Indeed, priorities first. Besides, as awkward as an hour with a non clicking hair stylist may be, it's far far worse to leave and live out the next few months with bad hair.
mom2bella mom2bella 9 years
I can't stand a chatty stylist. I don't know you, you don't know me, I want to relax and not chat. I don't care if they chat with the other stylists though.
untitled1 untitled1 9 years
I love my stylist, she always make my hair look great and she's got a great personality.
sonya-ina sonya-ina 9 years
If you choose your stylish based on personality, you must not care much about your hair!
kiwiprincess kiwiprincess 9 years
My mom's a hairstylist and she has both. I believe both should be in a hair stylist. Wait, now that I think about it, my mom has more talent than personality. Probably why I picked talent hehe
myystque myystque 9 years
I pay to get my hair done, not for a friend. Anyway, I often prefer not to converse while getting my haircut--I like relaxing. As it happens, I like my current stylist's personality and have been going to him for years, but I am not satisfied with the cuts and will probably go to someone else for my next cut.
emalove emalove 9 years
Talent, for sure. I don't need to be BFFs with my hair stylist.
FoxyJo FoxyJo 9 years
Who the hell would let someone do their hair just because they had personality??? LoL! I don't pay $100 to have a great conversation...I pay to look good! ;)
Beauty Beauty 9 years
I figured the majority would say talent! I just had to ask. :-)
brutalcupcake brutalcupcake 9 years
Talent :P
menthadict menthadict 9 years
I don't talk to my stylist anyways. Talent all the way
thelorax thelorax 9 years
This question makes me laugh. OF COURSE you're looking for talent when you seek out a stylist, you're paying them upwards of $50-$150 to make you look fabulous - not to be your BFF for 2 hours! I don't care if you're a snotty b**ch, if you do a good job on my hair, I'll come back!
Jabbadoo Jabbadoo 9 years
Talent.. for the amt of money I spend it better look awesome! That said, I did leave a stylist because of personality... blonde hair, requiring a TON of foils, and long processing time because it's very blonde. She would always make snide comments about the number of foils and processing time and "I know it's gotta be BLONDE" etc... I could tell she really didn't like doing my hair. Funny thing is, I ALWAYS got stopped by people complimenting me on my hair and asking where I got it done and I always referred her.... Then, my old stylist (talent and personality) returned to town and I just decided I was over her attitude and left. That of course brings up another point of "how do you break up with a stylist, when it's a small town" lol. A few years later, when she opened her own salon, she kept trying to get me to come back lol.
foreverfashion foreverfashion 9 years
TALENT, of course. You don't need a personality in order to be a hair stylist. Luckily mine has both.
Sweet-as-Sugar Sweet-as-Sugar 9 years
i have friends for personality.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 9 years
I mean, would you ever say "She didn't cut my hair so great ... actually it kinda looks like shit, but she's really really sweet!"??
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