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What to Pack in a Beauty Kit

10 Handy Things Every Beauty Kit Needs

There are tons of beauty products and styling tools out there, and while many of them are nice to have around, when it comes to absolute beauty kit necessities, the list is pretty small. Keeping a few of these awesome multitasking items around can make life a whole lot easier. To see the items you shouldn't live without, just keep reading.

  1. Q-Tips: The most versatile thing in the world, whether you need to apply eye shadow, clean up messy eyeliner, swipe excess nail polish off your cuticles, or a million other tasks.
  2. Petroleum jelly: You can also go with something non-petroleum like Waxelene, but having something like this is key. You can put it on your lids for a sheer but made up look, it moisturizes lips, it's a good eye makeup remover, it moisturizes cuticles, etc.
  3. A soft beige or brown eye shadow: Why? A soft, flattering color close to your skin tone will make a good shadow, blush, and lip color if you find yourself in need of a quick fix.
  4. Dark brown mascara: Black may be your favorite, but dark brown is way more versatile. In a pinch, you can use it in place of liquid liner and even brow pencil, and it looks softer and more natural on lashes than black.
  5. A sample vial of perfume: Stink happens. Whether you got stuck standing next to someone smoking or got a little sweaty walking back from lunch, having a little bit of something fresh and clean smelling can really help.
  6. A mini-pack of wet wipes: Whether you're removing makeup, wiping down unkempt hair, or cleaning up sweaty pits or feet, these things are always excellent to have around.
  7. A nail patch: Broken nails happen, but nail patches are just all-around good to have. They're perfect for little tears in clothing, putting jewelry back together, or any tiny fix where tape would be nice.
  8. A baby bottle of hairspray: Hairspray gets a bad rap, but it's really great for smoothing flyaways, stopping runs in pantyhose, and even shining up scuffed shoes.
  9. Sunscreen: A lot of sun damage happens in places you don't expect it, like waiting in the Wendy's drive-through on sunny days. Being prepared now is easier than dealing with skin discoloration later.
  10. A travel bottle of talcum powder: This is a great all-around oil absorber. You can sub unscented talcum powder in for dry shampoo, deodorant, and face powder in a pinch.

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Nancepantsbotwin Nancepantsbotwin 6 years
Great list! Seems I always forget something and pay the price for it. Very Handy.
amaebi519 amaebi519 6 years
More uses... Q-tips: if mascara gets on your eyelids, you can let it dry and it buffs off easily with a Q-tip (even waterproof mascara comes off) Petroleum jelly: after you put on night cream, you can smooth a bit over dry spots, especially under your nose when you have a cold. Also great to have in your purse if your shoes are rubbing - creates a bit of a buffer for your skin until you can get a Band-Aid. (I've used a dab of lip balm for that, too) Baby wipes: as close to shoe polish as you can get without actually polishing your shoes. Mini-hairspray: helps get ink stains out of clothing #11 makeup sponge: they buff deodorant marks off clothing - no need to buy a specially marketed sponge for that! #12 dryer sheet: I keep one folded up in my purse to rub over flyaways - crucial in the winter. #13 Agree with gingirl on the face lotion; also great for flyaways. #14 Nail/cuticle trimmer and nail file. The coarse strip on a matchbook can work in a pinch... Any other tips?
gingirl gingirl 6 years
These are all great things to have in a little kit. I also like to have a trial sized face lotion, just in case my skin is getting extra dry.
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