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The following post was written by Latoya Perkins, who blogs for Beauty Obsessed, and is part of POPSUGAR Select Beauty. Beauty Obsessed provides in-depth product reviews ranging from drugstore products to luxury items.

Last month I stood in my first wedding since I was a child. While I'm often involved in friends' weddings as the makeup artist, it took on a whole new level of responsibility when, as a bridesmaid, I had to be sure the bride looked her best while maintaining a fresh look myself. To keep on top of things, I employed a few extra tricks and used a few emergency products in my arsenal to ensure we all looked gorgeous well into the wee hours of the night — and I'd love to share them with you!

1. Primer: This step is one of the most crucial pieces to looking great throughout the day. Without a good primer to smooth skin and help base products like foundation and concealer adhere and stay put, you're setting yourself up to have your makeup fade and break down. And honey, there is no time for touch-ups (and way too much fun to be had)! My absolute favorite primer is Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum ($22). I find it works for both dry and oily skin by somehow hydrating without being greasy, and keeping the T-zone shine-free.


2. Blotting Papers: Despite the efficacy of the above product, we can still get a bit "glowy" from all the activity of the day. Especially in certain lighting, any excess dewiness can translate into an oil-slick in photographs. I always keep these on hand just in case for quick touch-ups (bonus points if you have them stored in a cute little compact with a mirror!).

3. Hand Cream: Even when I'm not attending an event such as a wedding, I always keep a hand cream in my purse or clutch for emergencies. It's perfect for hydrating dry spots on your body (no one likes to have scaly-looking skin on display) and lips. It can also be used in a pinch to tame any frizziness that might crop up in your well-coifed hair. Josie Maran's Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil ($28) is a great pick for double-duty use.

4. Neutral Glossy Lipstick: Though I tend to follow the bride around all day and night touching up her lipstick, it can be a challenge to have both your shade and the bride's shade on hand, never mind a mirror! A neutral lipstick [I'd opt for a soft rose pink such as YSL's Rouge Volupté Shine in Pink in Paris ($34)] will give lips a bit of oomph on any skin tone, the glossy finish will add a touch of shine, and the foolproof shade means you can apply it even if you don't have access to a mirror

5. Oral B Brush-Ups: These slim little packets are superportable, and are a great way to freshen breath and clean teeth all in one go; particularly great to prepare for the onslaught of photos! I find the textured finger pads a bit strange to use, but they certainly do the trick.

6. Bobby Pins: Even the most well-put-together updo can sometimes fall flat as the day wears on. To keep things in place, a handful of bobby pins can easily save a drooping 'do. No need to worry if it doesn't look quite the same as the original hairstyle. Loose and a bit messy still looks fabulous with a more formal dress. (Note: I did my own hair, and throughout the evening, random sprigs of curls would come undone. A quick tuck here and there and everything was right again.)

7. Tide-to-Go Pen: I have to admit. None of us actually had one of these on us during the wedding, and our dresses were all light-colored (along with the bride's white dress), so thank goodness we didn't have any accidents. I wouldn't follow in our footsteps, though. There tends to be a lot of red wine floating around these events, and anything could happen. A Tide to Go pen could potentially save you from a fashion disaster.

8. Safety pins: Thankfully, none of the bridesmaids nor the bride had any dress malfunctions, but that isn't always the case. I kept a mini baggie full of safety pins on hand just in case any dress crises happened, which could range between a malfunctioning zipper to a broken strap and anything in-between. Better safe than sorry!

9. Double-sided Tape: One of the best inventions ever. Double-sided tape can perform similar functions to a safety pin, or can be used more traditionally to fix a fallen hem or keep a dress in place strategically. Another neat trick I learned is that this tape can keep feet from sliding in loose or high-heeled shoes. Just place a few strips on the balls of the shoe near the toe, and voilà. You've got yourself a makeshift foot petal.

10. Band-Aids: Having dealt with foot pain from uncomfortable shoes for far too many years, I am exceptionally fussy when it comes to footwear, and rarely have negative side effects from new or uncomfortable heels. However, that isn't always the case for some, and to save you a lot of pain (and keep you on the dance floor), Band-aids are a must. They barely take up any room (you can even sneak them in your bra if need-be!), and you'll thank me later.

These are just my personal picks for emergency tools during a wedding. Depending on your preference, you could add clear polish (for any runs in stockings), tissues (which are sort of a given), a mini antiperspirant (which can double as a fragrance, depending) . . . the list goes on and on. What is certain is the fact that everyone needs a little SOS kit to get them through a huge, lengthy, photo-heavy event like a wedding. It's all about being prepared so that you can have the most (stress-free) fun possible.

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