Here's another smart product from Mally Roncal, the makeup artist behind Mally Beauty Products. This Light Wand Eye Brightener ($25) is the perfect tool for awakening tired eyes and diverting attention away from dark circles.

The metal wand is much sturdier than the typical plastic encasings of beauty tools. One end houses a soft and creamy pencil that illuminates a light metallic shade (it's not too silvery, not too gold) in the little "sideways V" on the inner corners of your eyes.

The other side of the wand houses a soft smudging sponge covered in metallic shimmer dust. The powder is packed right into the cap, which makes this a terrific on-the-go product. All you have to do is soften up the "sideways V" area and your eyes instantly look, wider, lighter and brighter. But you don't have to limit yourself to eyes. Try dusting the powder onto the edge of your nose, under your brow bone and to that little nook above your upper lip to make your mouth look fuller.