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What Red Lipstick Means to Men (and Other Relationshippy Thoughts on Makeup)

For Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal, love is all in a day's work. The married couple offers relationship advice on TV, through their books, and through their Dating Boot Camp. They say that we send romantic signals — or not-so-romantic ones — through our personal style. Read on for their opinions on what your hair and makeup choices might be saying this Valentine's Day.

On a first date, do you recommend lip gloss or lipstick — or neither?
We definitely recommend lipstick, especially Le Metier de Beaute's Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipstick in shades Castello, Paris, and Cannes. Men are drawn to a woman’s mouth, not only because this is where their fantasies start, but hopefully they will also be listening to what the woman has to say. Ever since Angelina Jolie came on the scene, lips have received the lip service they deserve. It sends the signals that you are a true woman, proud of your femininity and confident, especially when a woman wears bright, vibrant colors like red.

Want to know what red lipstick says about you? Just


Can you talk about what messages red lipstick projects?
Red lipstick will definitely make you a man magnet! Lips make all of us think of kissing and since men are such visual creatures, sexy red lips can almost do as much for a man as the kiss itself. It also subconsciously sends the message that you are open to a romantic and passionate relationship.

Any thoughts on makeup choices/signals for women who date women?
Makeup choices can be very much the same, as long the woman is comfortable with it. No matter the sexual preference.

In your work and research, what discoveries regarding beauty/makeup/hair have surprised you with regard to relationships?
With regard to relationships, men love long hair, but not the traditional perfectly coiffed hair so many try to have. Men actually love the tousled, rolled-out-of-bed look, and it’s no wonder that’s the way you look after a long sexy night. Men can’t identify the components of makeup that create the lips that they want to kiss, bite, and touch, they just are drawn to them. The more naturally glamorous a woman can look, the more sensual she becomes to the male eye.

Do you find their observations line up with your experience? (For what it's worth, I definitely get more looks when I wear red lipstick.)

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