Have you ever colored your hair, been displeased with the results, and immediately had the desire to revert your hair back to its original color? I hear you. Or, perhaps you have been coloring your hair so long, you don't even know the true tones of your natural locks any longer. Yes, I hear you once again. Like the name implies, a tint-back is a service in which color, bleach, and/or pigment fillers are applied to the hair to bring the hair back to the color that Mother Nature intended.
If you're going lighter, bleach, a softer color, and toner might be used. If you're going darker, a filler is often applied before the hair dye in order to restore pigment and ensure that the color remains uniform. Getting a tint-back service is also a great option if you merely want to take a break from highlighting, lowlighting, or any other coloring services. Have you ever had one?