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Beauty Trends
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littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
@Miriam Thank you, an excuse for a good party :-p
Susan-Yara Susan-Yara 6 years
I love that you used Tank Girl in this. My fave! Miriam--PLEASE post pictures of your glittered body and wild hair awesomeness. ;)
Miriam-Lacey Miriam-Lacey 6 years
Littlemunchkin, some evangelical groups believe that the Second Coming of Jesus is close at hand, and before the world ends in fire and wide-scale destruction, true believers will be "raptured" up to heaven, leaving sinners and non-believers below to experience the hellish final days on Earth. They also think the first stage of the process is starting May 21, when massive earthquakes will happen and the righteous will disappear. Some people may see this as a negative; I, however, am looking forward to the surplus housing and the awesome parties, not to mention all the possibilities for great breakdown-of-civilization fashion. When else am I going to get to wear torn fishnets, greasepaint, and a mohawk like it's no big deal?
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 6 years
LOL what is this Rapture thing?? It's so bizarre...I'm having deja vu, Millenium Bug anyone?
Miriam-Lacey Miriam-Lacey 6 years
Who cares about practicality when it comes to the Rapture? I'm gonna be all glittered out and have the craziest hair possible. I really, really want to have a Left Behind party tomorrow night ;)
MarleneM MarleneM 6 years
Hah! I posted a What to Wear for the Apocolypse guide on my blog earlier this week! A bit more fantasy though and a lot less practical:
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