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Whether you are a bookworm at the head of your class or a social butterfly studying in your rare, spare time, your unique personality can easily be expressed in your style. Not sure which style profile you fit into? Well, Kohl’s can help! Take this short quiz to determine your style personality and how you can achieve the look at Kohl’s.

nycitygurl nycitygurl 6 years
I am sweet & sophisticated! Great inspiration for my fall fashion!! Thanks Kohl's
jzeffery jzeffery 6 years
Totally just found out my true restults! Kohl's is the best! They really tell the honest truth!!!
muohiodg muohiodg 6 years
GO Kohl's!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall fashion!!!
ilovecollege914 ilovecollege914 6 years
Perfect to walk around campus in!!! All my friends love my outfits! I told them they HAVE to go to Kohl's
ilovecollege914 ilovecollege914 6 years
what great style!!!! Gotta have some Kohl's in your fall wardrobe :)
gogibby gogibby 6 years
Thanks PopSugar!!! Needed to be sent to a place to find the best fall clothes...Kohl's has it all!!
sheaquarton sheaquarton 6 years
Kohl's is so hip and trendy this fall!!!! LOVES IT!
jaclovescam jaclovescam 6 years
Yes!!! needed these amazing fall clothes ideas!!! love you Kohl's
kscholtz kscholtz 6 years
Always find exactly what I am looking for!! Thank you PopSugar for bringing to me to Kohls!!!!!!! Really needed cool and trendy fall clothes for college!!!!
rosypian rosypian 6 years
I love Kohl's!
ManateeC ManateeC 6 years
Sweet & sophisticated - love it! Am desperately needing some Fall clothes ...
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