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What's Your Best Unwrap Attack Story? Tell Us and Win $500 in eBay Gift Cards!

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The holidays are here, and it's time for you to hit the pavement and shop till you drop (because everyone loves long lines, right?). Wrong!

To make your holiday shopping experience that much easier, eBay has put together some great gift ideas to please all of those on your holiday list. From designer shoes and handbags, the latest and greatest electronics, to sports, home goods, and toys, oh my! So sit back, relax, and get inspired for your loved ones' gifts here.

If that wasn't enough to make your holiday preparation great, eBay is celebrating the holidays with a Love to Give campaign highlighting those unforgettable, uncontrollable moments that occur when someone receives the perfect gift, or as they call them: unwrap attacks. (P.S. You can upload your own and view other hilarious unwrap attacks here.)

Check out the unwrap attacks here, and then leave a comment below and be entered to win 10 gift cards worth $50, totaling $500 to spend on eBay!



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slehan slehan 6 years
The Christmas eve when I was given and engagement ring. Thanks for the contest.
lilastars lilastars 6 years
My best Wrap Attack story just happened this Christmas. My two year old Isabella kept begging me to open one of the presents my husband gave me. She was dancing around in anticipation. When I unwrapped it there was a beautiful picture of her & I when she was 10mos. old. (My husband had enlarged it as a gallery wrapped canvas). Once it was revealed, she squealed with delight & said, "mommy, mommy do you remember when Bella was a baby?!" I told her, "you are still momma's baby". Which she replied, "only when I want to hold your boobies". And yes, that was out loud in front of 10 people!
bellows22 bellows22 6 years
about 3 years ago, we surprised my daughter at Christmas with a 2008 Saturn Sky Convertible and boy did she jump up and down and scream with excitement! Talk about an unwrap attack! debbiebellows[at]gmail[dot]com
I don't know that I've had a huge unwrap attack, but I'll tell you, if you could wrap a maid, I'd have one.
Winterfan Winterfan 6 years
I don't really have a best unwrapped story either although many years ago I do recall gettting a coat on Christmas that I really wanted. That was the only time I basically received something that I really desired since I am not the type that really likes receiving gifts on Christmas. For me Christmas is more about spending time with family, making memories with them and celebrating all you have in life.
pwhite98270 pwhite98270 6 years
The unwrap attacks were very cute. I like Ebay for things that are hard to find.
Unfortunately I am still waiting for an "unwrap attack".... :(
happishopr happishopr 6 years
I fill my own stocking every year so there's usually no surprise in it for me on Christmas morning. Last year I found a white box in my stocking that I had not put in there - hubby got me a saphire necklace. It was the sweetest!
xoxbrennyxox xoxbrennyxox 6 years
In our "salad days" we use to vacation in Pismo Beach. Near the pier there was a jewelry shop that had a beautiful opal necklace on display. When we went back the next year, it was gone--because my husband had slipped down there and bought it for me!!
AntoinetteRS AntoinetteRS 6 years
My favorite "unwrap attack" was done every Christmas by our dog Cisco. He loved to unwrap gifts, unfortunately he not only unwrapped his gifts, but would unwrap gifts that were under the Christmas tree. He would try and hold himself back, but inevitably on Christmas Eve, he would go crazy and while we were not home, he unwrapped every gift under the tree. So, for him, it wasn't the gift, it was the unwrapping that he enjoyed the most.
babscorbitt babscorbitt 6 years
when i was five years old, my dad went to our horse lot and put some horse manure in a shoebox and gift wrapped it. on christmas when i opened it, i was so mad that i threw it in the fireplace only then did dad tell me that my christmas money was taped to the bottom of the box.
sadiechick81 sadiechick81 6 years
This sounds extremely cheesy, and it is, but I love it. I had an unwrap attack the first Christmas my (now) fiance and I spent together. I opened the card and he put little "XOXO" by his name. I thought it was so cute. My heart at that point had an unwrap attack. Then, I opened my gifts. He had gotten me a digital camera which I had been really wanting. He also got me a journal and some cute pens. I got emotional and still remember every little detail of that Christmas.
ewhatley ewhatley 6 years
It's a sad unwrap attack and still makes my heart hurt. Years ago, my boyfriend and I had discussed marriage and he strongly hinted I would receive an engagment ring for Christmas. As he was driving to my house, he called to say "I'm on my way, loaded with diamonds". I was so excited I could barely breathe. He unloaded all the gifts from the car, indicating the "best one" which was to be opened last. I ripped through the other gifts and then tore into the "best one". It was in a pricey CD player box and of course I figured the little ring box was inside. When I opened the package it really was a pricey CD player. He thought it was funny, I couldn't hold back my tears, and soon thereafter he became my EX boyfriend.
kitnlov kitnlov 6 years
My son would have an unwrap attack with every gift he opened. It didn't matter if it was a pack of socks or the video game he had wanted so badly. Every gift opened brought squeals of happiness and excitement. It was always a joy to watch him opening gifts. Now he's grown, a ten year veteran of the Armed Services and is much more sedate about opening his gifts. I miss those un-wrap attacks.
christian3255 christian3255 6 years
I had an unwrap attach when my mom gave me a KitchenAid standup mixer. I freaked out while unwrapping it! Then I thought she accidentally wrote the wrong recipient's name on the tag (I have three married sisters...). I madly tried to re-wrap it back up before the real recipient saw it. It was for me all along... Can't wait for my next unwrap attack...I am due!
tdean30 tdean30 6 years
Three years ago my boyfriend gave me this huge box and I was so excited! I tore it open and then there was another box. Altogether there was 8 boxes. I was getting so frustrated! I finally got to the smallest and last box and inside was an engagement ring. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It was so Amazing! I wasn't expecting that at all.
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