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What's Your Hair Color Tip?

What's Your Hair Color Tip?

A few weeks ago, I chatted with celebrity colorist Johnny Ramirez about ideas for choosing the right hair color. One homework assignment he gives to his clients involves having them bring in baby pictures, so that he can determine which tones and placements will provide the best results. "You can't go wrong with your natural color when you were a little kid," he explained.

So, I shared with him my aunt's tip on hair color, and he thought it was a brilliant idea. Lucky for my aunt, her mother cut a lock of her gorgeous auburn hair off when she was in high school. Now that she's coloring over the gray decades later, she has an exact match to hand to her stylist. So if you have a lock of hair from your youth, consider this idea the next time you're in the salon. Do you have any hair color tips to share?


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Bearwoman Bearwoman 8 years
I'm a typical "cool" color type. As opposed to warm. My natural hair color is dirty blond, it used to be almost platinum, my eyes are blue and my skin is fair. When I color my hair a lighter shade of blond, I ALWAYS get a "purple gloss" as a finish. What it is is a semi-permanent gloss and color that the stylist adds after rinsing out the peroxide. This cools down the yellow hues and makes the hair color look very natural, not to mention shiny.
mydiadem mydiadem 8 years
I match my eyebrows since they are darker than my dirty blonde hair color, so now I have a rich brunette that gets coppery when in sunlight. I also think that paying to have my hair colored so worth it compared to home coloring. They do the single process with much superior coloring products than you can get in the store, she knows when it pull it down to my roots for a refresher and when it just let it be at the roots. This is key with single process so you don't look monotone. Afterwards sometimes she does a toner and sometimes a gloss treatment, all of which make my hair fantastic. I have naturally coarse hair that tends to get frizzy so this really smooths it out and leaves my hair in better condition than when I don't color it.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
My natural hair color as a kid (platinum blond, almost white) would be way too difficult to maintain now. (And might look kind of trashy.)
sfunkera sfunkera 8 years
I started out with blondish-brown hair as a kid, then it turned red for a time, and finally it turned dark brown. Even though I try to control the color now, it still goes through variations of my past colors on its own. Just call me Tonks!
kty kty 8 years
well i just try anything on my to have fun with it nothing too drastic mind you
JessNess JessNess 8 years
At what period of my childhood would the stylist want a picture of because my hair did major changes. I was born with black hair which changed to brown and then went platinum blonde which darkened into a honey blonde. I have since dyed my hair red and have settled into brunette shades. I have dark eyebrows so everyone assumes that my dyed brown hair is natural.
emalove emalove 8 years
My hair color was DARK brown when I was a kid, but then it gradually lightened up over the years. Now, my natural color is a light brown that gets reddish-gold tones to it from the sun. I color my hair a coppery-brown color to bring out some of the red. I love red hair.
bengalspice bengalspice 8 years
My hair color hasn't changed since I was little ... so I experiment with colors that have occurred in the rest of my family. My brother has jet black, my mom has brown, some of her cousins have copper highlights, and my grandmother now has orange hair from all the henna she has used to cover her grays.
ichicas ichicas 8 years
If you color your hair at home you know that most all color kits come with a conditioner. Well if you accidentally get some color on your face or anywhere else do not wash it off. Rub a little bit of that conditioner and it comes right off - honest. Also before you wash rinse as much color as you can, and then wash with the conditioner and then with shampoo. Your color lasts longer, it does not damage your hair and it gets super shiny!
skigurl skigurl 8 years
it seems gross, but i'd consider taking a piece of my hair and saving it in a baggy for when my grey's start to take over! i have never in my life colored my hair so i don't have other tips! my tip is to stay dye-free for as long as possible cuz my hair is in awesome shape even though i use a blowdryer and straightening iron 5 times a week...i've been told by stylists my hair is like a Panetene commercial
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