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What Are Your Perfume Turn-Offs? 2011-08-01 09:35:00

What Are Your Deal-Breaker Perfume Ingredients?

In February news broke out that Dita Von Teese would be launching her first perfume. And while she has yet to reveal the name of the scent, we do know what the juice will not include. Dita recently revealed, "There's no fruity vanilla bullsh*t . . . A lot of celebrity fragrances are fruit, vanilla, and I wanted something for grown-up girls."

Gourmand-type scents aren't exactly my favorite either; give me anything that smells like cake or cookies, and I'll instantly feel ill. What about you? What types of fragrances and notes do you tend to avoid?

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risqueredhead risqueredhead 5 years
No powdery scents, ugh. Smells like old lady.; Particular disliked fragrances are anything Thierry Mugler, Aromatics Elixir, Tresor, Eternity, Obsession... I just don't like anything heavy. I don't wear fragrance most days.
constancemstringer constancemstringer 5 years
Heres to New fragrence!! Have worn Clinique's Aromatics Elixer, Estee's Aliage and Cinnabar. Patchouli!!!. 30 yrs,,, In my home dry , dry smells. Eucalyptus in bunches. I was beginning to wonder if our fashion gurus had any smell at all. Please let us know availability. I live in S China and I need this ...
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 5 years
I was actually very surprised at how much I liked Fergie's fragrance. My friend bought it and I thought it smelled quite nice!
fuzzles fuzzles 5 years
Yes, Jaime! My signature scent in my 20's was actually a MENS cologne--Joop! Homme. Perfect strangers would approach me, women and men alike, and ask what fragrance I was wearing!
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 5 years
Thanks for sharing, everyone. Now another question has come to mind . . . Any scents you've tried you've actually been surprised you like? For me it's patchouli (as long as it's mixed in with something else to mellow it out a bit).
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 5 years
It's funny how more people said patchouli. I think they are thinking of the strong, earthy-head shop patchouli. There are many kinds. I cannot wear anything too spicy or intense. White florals have started to bore me. I never wear the fruity or sugar scents. I'm interested in what Dita will come up with.
Marian55 Marian55 5 years
I so applaud Dita! I'm sick of fruity florals and gourmands. It's all you smell today. Blah! Give me some nice deep incense or resins and woods and I'm a happy camper.
fuzzles fuzzles 5 years
Patchouli or anything with an incense-like fragrance. Also, two of the classics--Chanel #5 and White Shoulders. Instant headaches in all cases.
smart-blonde smart-blonde 5 years
Any florals, especially jasmine and gardenia.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 5 years
I avoid fragrance that is predominantly fruity. Blech. Fruity perfume reminds me too much of the body sprays girls used to spritz everywhere in the locker room in 7th grade. I usually wear orientals.
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 5 years
My favorite perfume of all time is Miss Dior Cherie, described as having notes of Italian Mandarin, Egyptian Jasmine, and Patchouli. So that's what I like. :)
psychobabble psychobabble 5 years
Florals have a nasty tendency to turn on me, they smell horrid on my skin. I can only wear spicy/woody orientals and some gourmands. I've found that I can stick with most Calvin Klein scents.
finzup finzup 5 years
kmbieker kmbieker 5 years
Anything powdery. I got Angel by Thierry Mulger as a sample from Sephora a few weeks ago and it smells like straight up baby powder on me. So gross. It does sound like Dita's perfume won't be for me though... I love fruity scents and I've recently started a love affair with Pacifica.
Knight-Who-Says-Ni Knight-Who-Says-Ni 5 years
I don't like florals. No sandalwood, cedar, that kind of thing, either. But I am super, super-picky about scents and like very few perfumes.
Bvezos Bvezos 5 years
Not a fan of of white florals, and I really can't handle tuberose or gardenia.
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