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What's Your Take on Mineral Makeup?

What's Your Take on Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup isn't as new as you might think. After all, people have been using minerals to paint their faces for hundreds of years. But it wasn't until the 1970s that the concept took off with the granola crowd, and in the past 10 years, Bare Escentuals helped turn this niche segment of the cosmetics industry into a multi-million dollar phenomenon. Now, it seems that almost every beauty brand is in on the trend, from drugstore lines to high-end collections.

Here's the thing, though: mineral makeup seems to be a love-or-hate thing. Personally, I can't get the foundations to look right on me; my complexion seems a little too perfect to look believably skin-like. But other friends, like Jolie Nadine, swear by it. (Nadine, who appears in commercials for Bare Minerals, does look about 10 times better in mineral makeup than I do.) Clearly, mineral makeup has moved beyond being a trend to being a healthy category on its own. Are you a fan, or not so much?


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DevonJade DevonJade 8 years
I was hunting for chemical free mineral makeup and stumbled across Aromaleigh. Their foundation is pure minerals and you don't have to buff it like crazy like you do with other mineral makeups, it just glides on. I'm really fair and they have a foundation that actually matches my skin! I'm pretty much in love lol. Since I stopped using chemicals and stuff that could clog my pores one my face my skin is wonderful even without the makeup, and with it it looks divine and keeps me from getting shiny. They only sell online but they have a good sampling program and fast service so I really don't mind. Their color selection is fab, around 30 foundation colors and 300 shadow colors. I am usually really oily but if I layer their porcelain primer powder, viole foundation, and the ultra resolution finishing powder I am shine free all day and my skin is flawless. I'm totally gushing here, but only because this brand is beyond amazing!!!
kathrynlarissa kathrynlarissa 8 years
i love the texture of mineral eye shadows. for foundation though, i hate ALWAYS having to use moisturizer first, even in the summer (which kind of defeats the purpose of non-oily summer makeup).
ildergreier ildergreier 8 years
I do not care for BE, I use SheSpace.
glynislily glynislily 8 years
I have the same problem with the break outs. It looks great but then I get cystic acne zits so it sort of defeats the purpose. But if I use regular foundations i get tiny little bumps all over my face.
Tech Tech 8 years
I was hooked on BE, but fearing that it was causing skin problems, I have now switched to Laura Mercier's mineral foundation (which has amazingly smart packaging, btw). Jury's still out, but the Laura seems to be better for some reason, even if it doesn't last all day long like BE did.
jj9103 jj9103 8 years
I was a big BE user....Then I couldn't seem to find a real good match....I have a couple of mineral foundations from Indie Co....aromaleigh and fyrianne....they are pretty good but something is breaking my skin out all of a sudden and I can't put my finger on it....I will have to say they are extremely messy...Right now I am trying Revlons colorstay liquid foundation to to maybe see what is breaking me out...
Allytta Allytta 8 years
hate it i guess. don't really care for it and the major attention it's getting just makes it even less attractive to me.
witchbaby witchbaby 8 years
I use BE too, at first when I got it my skin had a weird reaction... I'm not sure why but then a few weeks later I gave it another try and thought my complexion looked super even and not blotchy.
brdwaystarlett brdwaystarlett 8 years
i used to swear by BE, but now realize that it works wonders while I'm in New York, but in London, something about the air here just doesn't like BE on my skin! I've had to revert back to liquid foundation. The mineral makeup looks too cakey here.
carhornsinapril carhornsinapril 8 years
i don't love mineral makeup, but i use it out of necessity (traditional foundations make me break out like crazy). i miss liquid foundation, though -- i tend to look too powdery with mineral foundation, even when i use a light hand.
alangley alangley 8 years
Bare Escentual? Love it, Love it, Love it. That is all. ...however. The Maybelline version is only so-so but the L'oreal is fabulous.
I've tried many brands of mineral make up, and all of them have been too yellow or orange for me. I have very fair cool skin. My face color is almost lavender it's so cool. There is no orange or yellow at all. The best thing I've found is EyesLipsFace's mineral concealer used as foundation. ELF is also super cheap - only $5 a pot!
coffeebean929 coffeebean929 8 years
i love using it, especially the L'oreal mineral foundation! its superb. i have somewhat moderate acne and it covers pretty well, although i have concealer to cover up those red spots. It doesn't make my face break out as much and its just easier and quicker to use.
cdelaney cdelaney 8 years
I use Larenim mineral makeup. It is completely chemical free and doesn't contain any parabens, fillers, or preservatives. BE cannot claim the same, just read their ingredients.
distii distii 8 years
I've been using Everyday Minerals for a few months now, not on a daily basis tho (i dont need it). Tried a sample set from Ciel Minerals as well. Very sattisfied with mineral makeup, it gives me the coverage i want (not cakey, matte, natural looking.. but perfect?). Have tried liquid foundations in the past, not happy.. tried a drugstore brand and a more higher-up brand. Besides, EM kits has such good value!! I'll never go back to 'regular' makeup =D
AmberHoney AmberHoney 8 years
I'm BE loyal when it comes to foundation. I've been using it for almost 15 years now. I'm oily so I don't use a moisturizer nor do I use sunscreen since it's already there. I use all BE products but I also use everyone else's makeup. What I love most about BE is that is doesn't settle in lines under my eyes. For those of you that need more coverage (I have dark circles) use the BISQUE it's great as a concealer. And my skin has never been better, less zits and no tight skin cause you don't have to scrub off the liquid foundation that sticks to your face. I buy something everytime it's on QVC, best bargains ever. :makeup:
kppontrucking kppontrucking 8 years
I use mineral makeup that's pressed rather than the loose kind in jars. I currently use Youngblood and it's great! It applies smoothly. I don't like mineral makeup that's in jars because it's messy and the jars are too bulky to be travel friendly. I have acne too (thanks to oily skin) and I prefer traditional makeup for the fact that it offers a lot more coverage. BE is good if you have clear skin but not for people like me.
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
i use the loreal bare naturale, and its nice for a low key look, like going grocery shoping or going to work for a few hours. but for longer days, i need my actual foundation, b/c i dont think mineral makeup lasts as long.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I love BE. Much better for your skin than any of that liquid junk.
emalove emalove 8 years
It's okay...I don't use mineral foundation though. I have drier skin, so I MUCH prefer tinted moisturizer. But I DO like Bare Escentual's Mineral Veil and their shadows, blushes, and lip glosses are all wonderful.
aaroohii aaroohii 8 years
I would also like to share that Bare Minerals is not good for those days when u will get photographed, as it reflects light, making skin look whiter and shinier in photos. In real life it looks flawless. Therefore I only use it during daytime/work/school etc.
aaroohii aaroohii 8 years
I got bare minerals bfr 3 months and i`m extremely satisfied. The trick to better coverage is to use a moisturizer bfr applying bare minerals so that it has something to stick to. I also DON'T TAP THE EXCESS, I just brush it on the part where I have most blemishes than I blend around it. It looks like I have no makeup on and makes my skin even and unblemished.
AllisonBeam AllisonBeam 8 years
I used BE for a few years and it looked great on my skin and aside from the messy sink I loved the simple application. But everytime my face got wet from the pool my eyes would sting. I just couldn't stand that anymore and have switched to Clinique's almost makeup.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
I am having a struggle with my BE right now. I love the way it covers my occasional breakouts, it covers it in a way that hasn't been possible with any other product. I however can't get that buffing thing down without looking like a stage actor. I had been using another technique to get it on that has been working for me. I went to the BE counter this weekend and the sales girl did a crazy good job on my makeup using the buffing brush. I am liking it better than liquid but you have to be careful with those fine under eye wrinkles as it can really emphasize them.
gigi_s gigi_s 8 years
I still prefer liquid foundation. When I have tried the mineral foundations, they seem to make a mess all over the sink, it also tends to come off on clothes, phones, etc. more easily than my liquid makeup.
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