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Call me old-fashioned, but when I saw these pictures of Nicole Kidman at the ARIA Awards, I got a little bit sad. Yes, she is gorgeous, but there's something about her that looks, I don't know — forced, I guess. The hair is uber-blond, especially at the roots, and her skin appears crease-less and line-less.

Nicole is 40 years old, but why does her skin still look 25? Is it me, or has Hollywood put so much emphasis on stopping the clock that someone as naturally stunning as Nicole Kidman now looks younger than she did in her early career? What are your thoughts on this?


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phree2b phree2b 9 years
I turned 48 this summer. I accept it and have never wanted any type of Surgery or Medical Application done to my skin. I do Moisturize and use eye cream. The best thing for clear skin is the Fruit acids lotion like alpha hydroxy.I do that at bedtime. I quit suntanning at 30 and also quit smoking and drinking. These are realistic goals we can set for ourselves and be proud that we are making an effort. Denial is not a river, well, you know what I mean...
rileygirl08 rileygirl08 9 years
Having just turned 46, I can say that I'm more open to different ways to stay younger looking! I do think that eating well, excercising, etc. are your best ways to stay looking your best.
jtstitches jtstitches 9 years
I do think it's great that there are treatments to keep you looking young *BUT* then it makes us poor to middle class people look & feel a million times worse when we get that age.
bubblebutt84 bubblebutt84 9 years
If I had the money... I'd get some work done too.
CuteCapri115 CuteCapri115 9 years
I'm somewhere in the middle on this one....I nip and tuck here and there are fine but some of our stars (i'm sure we can all think of one) take the surgery thing to far...
kiki219 kiki219 9 years
your bf must be on crack. my ex looked like he was 28 when i first dated him... i dumped him... didnt see him for 7 months... he got into drugs.... and now he looks like he is kickin' 40 at age 22. Unfortunate, but thats life. So, in your case Pinkcoco, it might be a little different, but i can see where you are coming from. Now... i would like to start by saying that alot of older celebs do have wrinkles, but its the fact that the hire amazing makeup artists (such as the late Kevyn Aucoin (R.I.P.)), and airbrushing photos also helps as well. YES! Alot of them do have "stuff" done to their faces/bodies, but many still show the signs of aging because its inevitable and inescapable. i feel that we should be able to do whatever we want to our bodies, and if someone feels better and more confident by getting a lip injection(b/c they're getting thin and unnoticable), a boob job (because they're sagging to the floor), OR any kind of JOB then do it! Inner confidence is the key to a happy life, and this is what makes some people happy!
ariyana_anthony ariyana_anthony 9 years
ya why not?! its gud 2 have all that money and spend them on ur beauty cuz its da most important thing 4 a celeb who spends half of their liVes on redcarpets ! it seems people get a kick outta trashin them anyway! if they do surgery they say ew she/he looks so unnatural & if they dont they say uh how ugly overrated she/he is POOR CELEBS!
helena59 helena59 9 years
each to their own i guess
Jinx Jinx 9 years
:highfive: pink cocoa. Good insight, and well put.
pinkcocoa pinkcocoa 9 years
I'd like to start out by saying that men DO NOT age better than women. Women are simply held to an insane inhuman impossible standard and men are allowed to simply be. My 27 yr old boyfriend has more forehead and eye wrinkles than my 65 yr old mother. People think I am much younger than he is when in reality, I am about 5 years older. If you pick up a magazine some time, or even watch movies or tv, you can see that the wrinkles are there on the men; they are allowed to have them. On the women, they are removed with photoshop, makeup and lighting. This is the problem, the double standard. Men are allowed to wrinkle because teenage boys are not considered sexy or sophisticated. Young women are considered hotor beautiful or whatever it is, though. A rugged look is considered hot on a man. Wrinkles add to a rugged look. A smooth soft face is not as attractive on a man; it would look odd. Now quite unfairly, a rugged look is considered unattractive on a woman. The standard for women has always been clear, smooth, young, supple, perfect, flawless skin. The years and years of seeing flawless skin in magazines and on screen have made everyone's eyes very susceptible. If we see any teeny tiny line on a woman: alert the media: she's old! I noticed the crow's feet on Jake Gyllenhall on a GQ cover when he was all of 23. I noticed the lip wrinkles on Matt Damon not too long ago. I am sure I could go on, but you get the point. No one points out flaws on men. On women, it's like a witchhunt. Until this double standard is changed, people will believe that men age better and that women fall apart and become old hags. It is just not true though. (my mother has aged better than any man I have seen, btw). Nicole Kidman: What I think is the problem here is not botox. I think it's the lip injections. She looked good and normal to me until recently when I discovered that she has been getting lip injections. She was perfectly attractive with small lips; she should've left well enough alone. I think that when people get unnecessary procedures, in a lot of cases, it can make them look really weird and we can't always identify what it is, so we just assume it's botox or a facelift. But it is definitely the lips and the too blonde hair that are making her look so odd. Nicole Kidman is a very pale Aussie. I read an article just the other day that said her mother wouldn't let her outside as a child for fear of her getting sunburnt. I know that she has probably been wearing sunblock religiously her whole life, more religiously than 99% of the population. So her skin should be in excellent condition. (esp combined with any skincare, retin-a whatever, just not surgery or peels, etc). Also, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Marcia Cross and Virginia Madsen all have said they use botox. They all look great. I'd never have guessed they used it, just assumed they avoided the sun and used retin-a. But look at Teri Hatcher, who has admitted to using botox as well. She looks weird b/c she had a bad nose job or something. But when I look at her, I think she looks weird and old, and it's really just her bad nose job I am reacting to. Surgery may have worked wonders for Ashlee Simpson (who I saw eye wrinkles on when she was 19 on a magazine cover. 19!!!! With eye wrinkles! It's not all about age, it's about normal expression lines and normal skin having little creases and wrinkles). But surgery doesn't help everyone. In Nicole Kidman's case, I do believe that the lip injections are destroying her looks, not botox. I also agree that she looked far better with darker hair.
tundrababe tundrababe 9 years
The thing that bothers me is that all these women stopping the clock in Hollywood can afford it, and they're raising the standard of beauty too high for everyone else. Most people can't afford all that plastic surgery. I wouldn't get it even if I could because I'm afraid - the anesthesia from my last surgery caused me to have memory problems for a year. It's not worth the risk to me to look younger. It's also sending a message that aging is bad. It's something we all do and we really shouldn't feel ashamed of it. I admit, I don't want to get old and wrinkly, but I wish I lived in a world where it was viewed more like a badge of honor than a horrible sight to behold.
chatnoir chatnoir 9 years
I think she looks plastic and like she can't emote. I'm all for the vanity and looking younger but it's weird when all the actress are going for the same look. It's almost like they have the same surgeon. After a certain amount of surgeries they start looking nightmarish. Ashlee Simpson had a whole makeover and she's so young! For me, I will never say never. I have breast implants. Best move I ever made. Love them! So a lift here or there might be an option. Just not yet. I'm 42.
drexelmom drexelmom 9 years
ok, i can talk from experience here, i am going on 50, but still look like in late 30's on a good day,{compared to how my mom looked at this age} i take great care of my skin{and always have} with cremes & gentle washing, but nicole looks fake now. smooth skin is great but stretched & "plastic" is terrible. she looked better with red hair & curls- the blonde is just too fake on her
bizzybee bizzybee 9 years
I can't make a decision for someone else, but ... I do think it's weird to see the "transformations" of celebrities via plastic surgery, botox, collagen, facial peels, etc. I barely recognize Nicole! Her hair and clothing choices only serve to further enhance the false youthfulness she's trying to portray. I miss the days when she was fierce donning classic silhouettes and elegant hairstyles. Those looks were timeless.
kalig kalig 9 years
I think it okay as long as you keep it natural and don't go for extreme looks. It's very easy to say you'll never get anything done when you're still young, but it's more difficult to perdict how you will handle getting older until you get there.
adrianrny adrianrny 9 years
one day it will be like a Twilight zone episode--her real face will come out! Ew!
starrynite45 starrynite45 9 years
all thing have to be getting old at last ...i don't think stop aging is the best thing to do (except if u played the sims2 that's great!) for me i would accept my older age with the growing thinking & attitude...don't be afraid coz anyway u have to be old someday...u can't fight it even if u got all surgery on ur whole body...when u got stuck on being perfect & younger (or life longing forever) it will make u unhappy with ur present time...u will always be in the future & u'll never know how happiness feel like! lool it's real...just caring everyday & feel it today..right now ...feel ur natural aging & happy with's the best way for my thought
amber_castaldo amber_castaldo 9 years
Personally, I am just going to age naturally but if someone else wants a little extra help with graceful aging well so be it. I think it's great that people have options.
Angiebaby Angiebaby 9 years
As far as Nicole Kidman is concerned, I think she IS starting to show her age and have to disagree with you on the photo shown here.. I see lines, especially around her mouth. Not that that's bad or she looks old by any means, I just feel she's aging beautifully. Now as for some OTHER actresses out there I think some do go a little far, and sometimes it's just not worth it. So many of them are so beautiful naturally and they don't continue to see it with age even when we do and that's sad. And may I also say that it's always bugged me that men age so much better than women? UNFAIR!!!
spacebear spacebear 9 years
I don't think she looks anywhere near 25! Geez, she's just changing the face of 40 year olds to look like fake 40 year olds. Its sad to me.
pandacn pandacn 9 years
I'm totally on Team Nicole, but she needs to lay off on the Botox! She would look so much better if the skin on her face actually moved. And I agree that Helen Mirren looks absolutely amazing, not even for being her age, just in general. It's the confidence to accept who you are and what stage of life you're in that really exudes beauty.
motherhelen motherhelen 9 years
Every time I see a picture of Nicole Kidman I think she looks too pinched and pulled tight.
dragonbaby dragonbaby 9 years
Potions, lotions and creams are one thing. Scapels and injections are another. I don't think Nicole looks real anymore. *Sigh* Neither does Meg Ryan. It is a travesty.
Dawnie86 Dawnie86 9 years
I never tough of 40 as old, that the age most woman have kids in the age from 10 to 20 or now the just become kids. And the most woman dont really look old with 40. But i don't know. i think everybody have to decide it alone. But i think its not really so terribley when the hair is grey with 60 or you just don't have the body from an 20 year old. And you should have to think about that your getting older and that you have there a little wrinkle. its natrual. And something everyone becomes with age. Nobody should have to hide his age.
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