Welcome to part five of my miniseries on the mini-facial, where I'll detail specific fast skin-recovery routines for those mornings where a face wash isn't enough. Sometimes your skin needs a little extra boost before you face the day, and we all know trying to mask a skin problem with makeup alone can only make it worse. So, check out my tips for righting what went wrong overnight.

Scenario 5: You slept over at your new boyfriend's house and when you got home, discovered you are allergic to cats. OK, you already knew, but you didn't want him to know that being around Sheba kind of makes you feel like you are going to pass out. (He's had her for five years, and you kind of think if he had to choose, he'd choose the cat). Either way, the evidence is all over your pink, puffed-up face.

Here's what to do:

  1. Start with a hot shower to wash any of the dander that's still on your skin. Take an antihistamine (nondrowsy) or at least an aspirin.
  2. Smooth on a soothing face mask, like Kiehl's Soothing Gel Mask ($18.50).
  3. Sit with ice or an ice pack on your face and around your eyes for two minutes to reduce the swelling. If you have them, use a packaged gel made to unpack tired eyes, like DuWop Igels ($25).
  4. Put eye drops, like Visine, in your eyes. Also, dab some around your nose and on your lips, because it will constrict the blood vessels.
  5. Apply a calming moisturizer like Ahava Calming Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 ($30) and a depuffing eye cream.