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The creamy deliciousness of a Frappuccino® Coffee Drink can take you to unexpected places. Whatever it is, wherever it is, share your uniquely delicious experience and receive $1 off your next bottled Frappuccino® Coffee Drink. So tell us, where does Frappuccino® Coffee Drink take you?

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KrimsonTears KrimsonTears 5 years
I know this is a little late.. but just wanted to add a little fun story. First date with this guy, we're having a Frappuccino together. He started shaking it a little, then took the lid off. I told him, "If you want that really shaken up, smack the bottom of the bottle a few times with the palm of your hand". To my shock and suprise, he put the lid back on and hit the bottom a few times. Lid shot off (it wasn't on quite right) and I wore Frappuccino! I married him Nov. 15, 2003.
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