If you've ever been confused about the ins and outs of SPF for the face, especially while wearing makeup at the same time, I've got you covered — literally. Recently, reader isahrangme posed a question in the Bella Sugar Q and A group, wondering about the best way to reapply face sunblock while wearing makeup.

To find out the answer, I asked Dr. Neil Sadick of Sadick Dermatology in New York to provide us with some clarification on the topic, along with a few tips on what we should be doing to make our SPF all the more effective. Find out his advice when you read more.

BellaSugar: Do you have any tips on how we can apply sunscreen on top of makeup without making a mess?
Dr. Neil Sadick: You should not apply sunscreen on top of makeup; makeup should be applied over sunscreen.


BS: What SPF level do you recommend for the face?
NS: Depending on skin type, 30-60.

BS: Is wearing makeup that contains SPF enough, or do we need to be augmenting it with extra protection?
NS: There should be additional sunblock applied as there is not enough protection from just makeup if you are going to have significant sun exposure.

BS: How often do we need to reapply sunscreen on our faces throughout the day? Is once in the morning all we need?
NS: Every four to six hours is recommended or after excess sweating, i.e. immediately following sports or swimming.