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When Should I Start Using Antiaging Skin Care?

3 Tips on When to Begin an Antiaging Skin Care Routine

Every skin care expert you ask, from dermatologists to estheticians to product development specialists, will likely have varying opinions on when antiaging skin care should enter your daily regimen. But according to Marie Veronique Nadeau, esthetician and founder of Marie Veronique Organics, an ecofriendly skin care line, "Your skin is going to tell you when." Of course, sunscreen is a must at any age, but to find out more about what Marie had to say about the topic, just read more.

The magic number: According to Marie, while there is no exact age to begin using antiaging products, the early 30s are generally a great time to start.

What to look for: "There's actually something that I've noticed, and it's documented, and it's kind of like pre, premenopause," she says. "One of the first places — it's in stages — are your hormones are changing already in your 30s, and one of the first things that you notice is that your skin changes." That could mean an onset of dryness or acne, when neither were present before.

What to do about it: "You might start thinking about topical supplements which would include a hyaluronic acid precursor," she says. "Just with the idea that whatever else is going on in your body, think about the skin as needing supplementation, too. And as you get older, this is more and more the case," she explains.

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