My trip to Belize was amazing on so many levels, especially because I got to hang out with adorable animals like this Aztec parakeet. Since it was the low season, I managed to score a good price at a swanky hotel in San Ignacio. When I checked in, I was offered a glass of rum punch. (Yes, please.) And my room was gorgeous — huge, pristine, luxe. Right away, I hopped in the shower, where I smiled at the sweetly coconut-scented shampoo in the wall dispenser. It left my hair clean and smelling fresh, so I figured it was some sort of spendy spa formula.

And then, a snag. Turns out I'd been given one of the more expensive rooms by accident, so to get the lower rate, I had to move to a smaller, simpler room overlooking a parking lot instead of the jungle. No big deal. But instead of a posh wall dispenser for shampoo, the bathroom simply had a bottle out for guests' use. Lo and behold, the "spa formula" I'd imagined was none other than Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut shampoo ($2.49). It isn't moisturizing enough to use every day without conditioner, but the scent and cleaning power are great — and with all the money I'll save using a drugstore standby, saving up for another trip to Central America won't take long at all.