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Which Hair Color Do You Prefer on Emma Stone?

Emma Stone debuted a new hair color and bangs at the Trevor Project's annual Trevor Live event. If it seems like an extreme change, think again. Emma, who normally wears a rich auburn shade, is actually a natural blonde. The Easy A star went back to her roots for her upcoming role as Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man. While the fiery red hair would've made her an obvious choice to play Mary Jane Watson, we like that Emma isn't afraid to switch things up. What do you think? Which color suits Emma better?

Image Source: WireImage
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InTheSkySoBlue InTheSkySoBlue 6 years
Red. easily.
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 6 years
It's always strange to see freckles on a blonde... I think she passes better as a redhead, because it actually looks like her natural shade. I think she shouldn't go darker than a strawberry blonde or vibrant light red though.
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 6 years
Ok - she looks descent in the blonde but for some reason I enjoy her w. the red hair! Whoever did the blonde job on her along w. the makeup should be applauded. It is often done so badly - dye along w. makeup - Bravo for this one :)
FrankiLee FrankiLee 6 years
Like others have said, the red was really unique. But she looks gorgeous either way, and I ADORE her bangs! Thinking I might copy her :)
gummybears123 gummybears123 6 years
she looks good in both! i like her bangs
Morokea Morokea 6 years
Her red was definitely more unique, but she still looks great blonde, and especially with bangs. I was wondering when she'd go blonde for her Gwen Stacy role.
yeokr yeokr 6 years
The blond looks good, but I was duped by the red - it looks so natural. As a ginger myself, it's a little sad to find another hot redhead is not actually a redhead.. amy adams, christina hendricks.. are isla fisher and julianne moore our only ones?!
cheer4veggies cheer4veggies 6 years
blonde looks too lindsay lohan. i vote red.
isahrangme isahrangme 6 years
i love her with BOTH hair colors! she's lucky she looks great with both colors. not everyone does... or they just choose poor shades/dimensions sushiaddicts: she went blonde for a role i don't think she should stay red just to stand out or to represent red-heads. she should just do her hair the way she wants to, or for a role she wants
Faylinn Faylinn 6 years
I voted for red, but she looks great as a blonde too. However, considering how many blondes there are in Hollywood, red hair makes her stick out more.
atraditionalist atraditionalist 6 years
Can we get a tutorial on how she did her makeup in the blonde hair look? It's gorgeous!
weffie weffie 6 years
I def prefer red... maybe partly because now people will stop telling me I look like her, but also because there aren't enough famous girls making red hair look sexy... I know SO many guys that love gingers, but we're really under-represented in the world of hot-girl celebrities. I love the bangs and the makeup in the blonde pic tho!
MeiGaku MeiGaku 6 years
the red and deep brunette (in zombieland) were great on her! the blonde makes her look like a linsay lohan body double... O.o
Pistil Pistil 6 years
I never would have guessed she was a natural blonde. I think both colours look great, but the red actually suits her more.
CatherinasTutus CatherinasTutus 6 years
CatherinasTutus CatherinasTutus 6 years
Sh looks stunning either way but her red hair was very unique and it made her stand out. Why do they all think they need to go blonde?
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