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Answer our simple poll question and be automatically entered for a chance to win a fabulous (and very expensive) pair of shoes designed by the man who made red bottoms lust-worthy, Christian Louboutin. Yes, Loubies!

When it comes to staying in style, let MSN be your homepage; it's hip, clean, smart, and where you can get your daily dose of the latest fashions, entertainment, sports, news, and so much more! MSN, know now.

Click here for official rules — good luck!

macaronibirds macaronibirds 6 years
Stiletto pump.
Angela0031 Angela0031 6 years
I voted for the peep toes. :)
erdmann erdmann 6 years
I'm happy to see stilettos are being so popular again.
lindoksu lindoksu 6 years
Oh to own a pair of red soled shoes---aahhh
AmethystToeShoes AmethystToeShoes 6 years
I only own two pairs of shoes and these are so DREAMY!!! To win and wear these would make me would make me Feel like a REAL Princess,Audrey Hepburn and Cinderella!!!
bksup bksup 6 years
Mom would love this prize !
mgster mgster 6 years
never saw this product! Looks like something I definitely need!
LegalSweep LegalSweep 6 years
Baby needs a new pair of shoes
janolson janolson 6 years
Red bottom shoes for me please!
tinkerbell5676 tinkerbell5676 6 years
I haven't bought shoes in so many years that I better make a trip to the shoe store to find out my size.
plwoods plwoods 6 years
I would love to win this one.
samf36 samf36 6 years
Great looking shoes.
sarabeth1117 sarabeth1117 6 years
Love these!
dannyhi dannyhi 6 years
Very cool prize. Winning!
maplelexus maplelexus 6 years
I hope I win these shoes!
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