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White Eye Shadow Trend at the VMAs

Trend Alert: White Eye Shadow at the VMAs

You would have thought it was still pre-Labor Day with the way celebrities were wearing white eye shadow on the red carpet. Ladies from The Hills, from The City, and from just plain ol' Hollywood were all about the white out, whether, like Beyonce, they kept it subtle along their upper lids or, like Lauren Conrad, had major white shadow along the inner eyes and lots of black eyeliner along the outer. We already know that white nail polish is a major trend of the moment, so perhaps white eye shadows will also be hot this season. What's your take on this bright-eyed look?

Image Sources: WireImage and Getty
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sparkleluvr sparkleluvr 7 years
I also agree with Daisy Duke, LC needs at least SOME lip color, she looks weird with no lip. Nude lip doesn't mean no lip LC!
sparkleluvr sparkleluvr 7 years
Love it! I've been sporting this look for a while now, makes my small, hooded eyes pop more. :-)
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 7 years
I like Lauren's the best.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
For somebody as pale as me - white shadow barely shows up on my skin.
poptart-princess poptart-princess 7 years
i've always hated uber-pale, frosty shadow since for me, it conjures up images of pure tackiness from my high school and mass market retail days - the girls who use it to "highlight" their ill manicured eyebrows. these girls all have it done nicely, though and it can work.
Micha22 Micha22 7 years
Serena on Gossip Girl has worn this since the beginning of the show. (I'm a nerd I know!) I've been trying to copy if for some time, but I usually just use a white eyeliner pencil. I think it makes me look more awake.
blondie829 blondie829 7 years
it looks good, but it can be too much...
bitterlola bitterlola 7 years
It looks to me like Olivia has a little bit of the post Botox eye droop.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 7 years
I'm way ahead of the VMAs. I've been doing white eyeshadow for a while
Daisy-Duke Daisy-Duke 7 years
Seriously, makeup aside, Olivia, Amanda, Stephanie...look drunk. Beynoce is a dear in headlights. LC needs a darker lip color and Pink looks annoyed!
juliarose23 juliarose23 7 years
well i think that all of their eyes are really pretty.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
they all look pretty bad. what are these, mugshots?
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