Who Is the Korean Grandma Vlogger?

This 71-Year-Old Korean Beauty Vlogger Will Be Your New Obsession

When we grow up, we want to be Park Mak Rye. The 71-year-old beauty and lifestyle vlogger, who goes by the name Korean Grandma, is using her septuagenarian years to live her best life on YouTube and Instagram. "We used to think, 'Since I'm over 70, my life is over,'" Park told the Associated Press. "But as I started doing this, I realized life starts at 71 years old."

Along with running her own business (a diner that she wakes up before dawn to open — impressive hustle!), Park blesses us all with makeup tutorials. Just look at her glow!

We'll take a venti of whatever she's drinking and a lifetime supply of all the products that keep Korean Grandma looking fresh as hell. Lucky for us, she's made a beauty breakdown for her everyday look. "When I go to the store, or to the dentist, I MUST do my makeup." Girl, we feel you.

Park has said her life was "dead like rotten bean sprouts" before discovering YouTube revitalized her spirit. Similarly, our day has gotten so much better since learning her makeup secrets. Read on to see each product she uses, one of which is literal fire because Korean Grandma is lit.

"Lotion, toner, I just apply it all together . . . maybe I'm just born with great skin?" Or maybe it's Atomy Toner & Lotion ($141, in a set with Serum), Park's go-to.

Park was out. No matter! "Don't stress too much and just do your makeup, OK?" Words to live by.

Chanel CC Cream ($55) was a gift from her granddaughter, but Park is no label snob. "When I apply any expensive product and when I apply a cheap product, it looks the same."

Sulwhasoo Yeseo Lumitouch Twincake ($44) is "expensive," so Park only applies "a little bit."

Bergamo Spring Breeze Marble Blush in #3 Glow Red is a Korean road-shop product that's "really red."

A few touch-ups come courtesy of the The Saem Ideal Concealer Duo ($12).

She reaches for the CathyCat Eyebrow Pencil ($9).

Park outlines her pout with Etude House Soft Touch Lip Liner ($3).

She calls this "some blue thing, or whatever, I have no idea." It applies red.

"When I'm busy, I just use my hands to apply it," says Park (us too). Her daily hue is Bbia Shade and Shadow #3 ($30 for the set).

Park starts with The Faceshop Eyelash Curler ($6).

She brings badass to new levels by burning a toothpick and using it as mascara.

NBD, just holding an open frickin' flame to her lashes (she follows up with mascara).

Last but not least is the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact ($48).

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