Whether you're paranoid or not about your less-than-perfect pedicure or even manicure, for that matter, keep Milla Jovovich in mind. The multitalented model and actress never seems to have a bad hair, makeup, or anything else kind of day. But with all of the punching, gun-toting, and sword-carrying she's done in many of her action-packed films, her hands have taken a beating.

As a result, directors even have to shoot around them in L'Oréal commercials. Of her knuckles, Milla said, "They're all cut up. They used to be really soft, but they can't use them any more. They use someone else's." While most of us don't have the luxury of having a hand model step in when needed, and most of our nicks and cuts don't come from pistols and daggers, the next time you feel embarrassed by your mangled mani, don't. Chalk it up to life experience.