Johnny Weir arrived at a signing for his new book looking totally made up and just plain gorgeous, as usual. Rarely do guys feel comfortable with hair and makeup, and few look as chic as Johnny. Sure, hipster boys might wear guyliner and experiment with black nail polish, and goth guy makeup is still popular in some places, but they're usually attempts to look transgressive, not pretty. Johnny, on the other hand, is all-out glam, from his eyeliner to his lip gloss. And to me, that's refreshing. To see the case for men and makeup, just keep reading.

It's always seemed unfair that makeup and anything else considered "pretty" is off limits to men. There's a huge rift between the sexes, a whole world of unshared experience that it seems dudes are permanently barred from. But why, seriously? Guys would definitely be more attractive if they knew how to use a little concealer and eyeliner.

Plus, up until relatively recently, men were just as likely as women, if not more, to wear makeup and highly styled hair — just look at images from the French court in the 17th and 18th centuries. There's a long tradition of Casanovas who loved a good cream blush and cascades of curls, and it's odd that something most civilizations have treasured for everyone regardless of sex has become a preserve of just one, and an art that often gets knocked on at that.