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Why Veronica Lake Hair Went Out of Fashion

Why Veronica Lake Changed Her Iconic Hairstyle

If you're a fan of Veronica Lake and her peek-a-boo hairstyle, you've probably heard the story that her star fell considerably after she changed it. But no one ever talks about why the actress decided to drop her now-iconic look. Turns out it was for the war effort, because women were being discouraged from wearing styles that might hinder factory work.

In this newsreel from the 1940s, you can see Veronica getting her hair restyled into a more "work-appropriate" updo. It's sad to think that attempting to stand in solidarity with working women may have damaged her career (although her notoriously difficult personality may have been more to blame), but it's also a lasting testament to the power of a great hairstyle.

lizlee89 lizlee89 5 years
I don't think it was really a matter of people putting her down because she changed her hair (or certainly not because she was trying to help and set a good example for others). The same thing happened to Rita Hayworth and, later, Jennifer Grey. For Hayworth, her seductive, long, red hair was cut for The Lady With Shanghai and the film bombed (despite being an excellent movie. Jennifer Grey was a breakout star after Dirty Dancing, but she got a nose job and nobody really cared after that. Veronica Lake's and Rita Hayworth's hair were iconic and instantly recognizable - no one else really looked like them, and that (along with, their talent, beauty, allure, and other features, obviously) garnered them much success. Most art, especially the film and music industry is mostly about image, and being recognizable is so important. On the flip side, look at Demi Moore in the 90's or Justin Beiber now - they are probably more known for their "look" rather than their respective crafts. On another note, I love these old propaganda films. Propaganda has become such a dirty word, but people don't realize that it is not a bad word - anything that conveys, or propagates, a message is propaganda, from commercials that tell you to brush your teeth or drink Coke to movies that show money or looks are not as important as what's inside (or whatever other cliche they prove)...
Ellenora Ellenora 5 years
I think she was beautiful with both hairstyles. It's a shame people put her down for simply changing her hairstyle to try help others!
Treeflection Treeflection 5 years
She was beautiful even with her hair up that way. Good for her to do what she could to try to set a good example for others!
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