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How much time do you dedicate to keeping fit, and are you doing enough? How do you know if you’re doing the right workout regimen for your body type and lifestyle? Is a long walk better than a brisk jog or run? Is a hike better than a swim? What’s your target heart rate for cardio?

For all of these crucial fitness questions, there are just as many answers, and expert advice that dictates how fit you are for your life.

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krob47 krob47 8 years
My sister would love this. Please accept my entry. Thank you.
Banzai Banzai 8 years
15 minute Abs work only if you do cardio and burn fat. Otherwise you can be doing 1000 crunches and not see any results. Yes your abs will get tighter but they won't be visible unless the fat is gone.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
simka11 simka11 8 years
Who knows which beach this picture was taken on? Looks sooo familiar but i just can't place it... help, anybody?
beautifulmel beautifulmel 8 years
15 minutes for nice abs! How insane is that!? Where can I find those exercises???
Banzai Banzai 8 years
It's working fine for me.
xxkrist24xx xxkrist24xx 8 years
Is anyone else having a problem with the link? When I go to it, it just leads me to a blank page :(
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