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Both moms and girls alike will love this specialty duvet cover and sham, featuring original artwork by principal Barbie designer Robert Best on a polka-dot percale ground with pink piping. © 2009 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Paula152 Paula152 7 years
I still have my first Barbie and I,m 53 years old Since my first I've collected a huge Footlocker 40 X 20inches full My special memory was the suitcase I started with still has Ken and Barbie packed together They haven't been separated for all these years
levyn87 levyn87 7 years
I used to make my brother play Barbies with me no matter how much he didn't want to.
lilyk lilyk 7 years
My favorite Barbie memory is playing with my Barbie doll for hours and hours.
charmmykittyfan charmmykittyfan 7 years
My sister and I would allows play with Barbies (one of our favorite toys) when we were younger!
macaronibirds macaronibirds 7 years
I love the Barbie Duvet Cover!
CBTD CBTD 7 years
Seeing my little girls play with Barbie has to be my favorite memory.
nesta67 nesta67 7 years
My mother the feminist refused to buy me a Barbie Doll, so I saved up my allowance for one. The day after I bought her, my next door neighbor's dog bit the head off of it!
Atreau Atreau 7 years
As a kid I thought Barbie's hair was magical and could never understand how other kids would cut off her hair.
garrettsambo garrettsambo 7 years
My favorite memory is buying every Barbie for my daughter when she was young. I think she had every one.
montgomery3 montgomery3 7 years
This month I will be eighty years old and I still play with Barbie Dolls with my Granddaughter Kelsey. Kelsey will be seven years on September 6 and I would love to win this prize FOR HER!
rbailey1958 rbailey1958 7 years
I used 2 make my own Barbie clothes. I loved my Barbies.
susansmoaks susansmoaks 7 years
i used to love to play barbies with my best friend when we were little
lostnwv lostnwv 7 years
My favorite memory of Barbie is giving my daughter her first Barbie.
mchavez718 mchavez718 7 years
I loved playing with Barbies. Changing their clothes and shoes was the best times I had playing with my big sis. Now I see the same when I see my daughters playing with theirs.
superdumb superdumb 7 years
I remember chopping my Malibu Barbie's long blonde locks off and styling it into a severe bob (a la Marge from the Big Lebowski) with cordovan shoe polish. Shades of the punk rocker I would turn into...
carolpie carolpie 7 years
I had a Barbie doll when I was a kid. Back in those days you only had one and IF you were lucky you MIGHT get a new outfit for your doll for Christmas. I used to go to the hardware store, they had some there, and gaze at the different beautiful outfits-though I never got any. The sad thing is I had the Barbie with the black and white bathing suit and we also had the wardrobe case. One day I found my Barbie laying on the floor, head off, neck chewed up. No longer able to attach the head, I was devastated. My dog destroyed it and I never was given a new one.
Missy00 Missy00 7 years
ahaha by far my favorite memory was playing barbies with my little sister, I'd watch soap operas with my older sister and then re-enact the sequence for my little sister with my barbie dolls... always left her on edge with what would happen next haha
mom2anutball mom2anutball 7 years
My favorite Barbie memories would be playing Barbies on our old hardwood floor with my mom. She would play with me for hours, and I loved every minute of it!
Lorelei-LeFae Lorelei-LeFae 7 years
My sisters and I played barbies constantly when I was young. We had a doll house that my grandpa made, but we used it mostly for storage eventually - using our bedrooms which we transformed into huge barbie mansions. Some of my greatest memories. :D Now I have a wee one who will be ready to play with barbies in a few years and I am absolutely looking forward to it!
hellybelly67 hellybelly67 7 years
When I was growing up I wanted Barbie Miss America so badly! I asked for it for my birthday. When I got her my life seemed complete! I love Barbie!!!!
susan1215 susan1215 7 years
I remember playing Barbies with my friends. We would have a contest to see who could dress up their Barbie the prettiest
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