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Win a Sophisticate Mom Prize from Sephora!

Mother's Day is fast approaching and to celebrate the big day, we're teaming up with Sephora to bring you an amazing set of giveaways.

If your mom is a cosmopolitan woman, she's an example of the Sophisticate Mom — and you could win a prize for her (or to keep for yourself). One lucky winner will receive one YSL Baby Doll Miniatures Gift Set , one Sephora Makeup Show! Palette , one DiorShow Black Out mascara, one Fresh Cannabis Rose EDP , one Fresh Cannabis Rose Bath and Shower Gel, one Sephora Colorful Duo Eyeshadow #8, and one Guerlain Blush Eclat Blusher.

To enter this week's contest, here's what to do:

  1. Join the Sephora – The Beauty Authority group on TeamSugar. (If you're not already a TeamSugar member, sign up here — it's free!)
  2. Make a blog post, video or photo album about why your mom — or a mom you know — is an icon of sophistication. Creativity counts, so don't hold back!
  3. Submit your post to the Sephora group, and be sure to tag it with the phrase sophisticate moms. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. PST on May 4.
  4. Sephora will select one winner to receive these glamorous goodies! (For the official rules, click here.)

Good luck to you!

Join The Conversation
shopping42 shopping42 9 years
well my mom has been gone since the 90's and I really miss talking to her- she alwys kept herself just so- And my Nana passed away in the 80's- she always kept up her appearance and just wore lipstick rouge and powder-- when I was little I used to get into it- I ended up looking like a clown then(of course I thought I looked beautiful)I would add a necklace and other baubbles and her shoes and would go running out to the kitchen to show her!
rosannepm rosannepm 9 years
Sophisticate Mom-that's what I am. Not only a mom but grandmother who looks like my grandchildren's mother. I believe in trying to look as well as I did as a teenager and thinking young even if I don't always feel young i.e. aches and pains.
galena1 galena1 9 years
nance60 nance60 9 years
What do you mean? A lump of non-carbon-free lump of coal for her energy needs? Is the economy that bad? Maybe, something at Wal-Mart rather than Sephora, at least. Not that I like that particuliar store- I don't.
memetu memetu 9 years
I was just thinking the bare necessities may have to do this Mother's Day.
ErikaTim ErikaTim 9 years
"Tres Sophisticated Mom".
Lynnharasym Lynnharasym 9 years
I would love to win this! These prizes were selected for me.
clove6577 clove6577 9 years
My mom is limited to a motorized wheelchair0 but that is not stopping her. She loves makeup like I do, and Sephora is one of our favs. My brother's wedding is in June and we are both looking forward to meeting relatives and old friends. She would love this!
valerie785 valerie785 9 years
I would love to be able to win this prize for my mom; she could really use it. My father and her are getting divorced and going their separate ways after about 35 years. She hasn't worked in the past 18 years and just went out and got a job again. She's restarting her life all over again and what better way than with this fun basket of cosmetics to boost her confidence?!
what a perfect and outstanding mothers day gift.
louiseb130 louiseb130 9 years
I am Mom to two sons and grammy to four boys and a girl. I miss my mother who died in '99.
tjbttrfly tjbttrfly 9 years
Growing up in Florida, My Grammy had a large Garden. I'm talking acres. If we were having sandwiches, we went to the Garden for lettuce and tomatoes. For supper, we would bring in potatoes, peas and beans from a big variety. Peppers of various levels of 'Hot'. We had watermelon fights regularly, (sounds like a waste, I know, but sure was fun)We had pumpkins, berries of all colorss..figs for preserves, along with pears, oranges, The biggest juicy plums you ever saw! Even grapevines. She made her own compost from scraps..all of us do that. I swear, I could go on! My mother, later, had a small garden(in comparison) We were Military, and ended up in NC. Vegatable growing was seasonal, but if it could be grown, she grew it. Now for myslf, even smaller Garden, because I live on the beach. However, I grow my own herbs on the back deck, for seasonings and medicimal teas. Naturally,(pun intended)a physician monitors my health..I know better than to rely on herbs alone. So, anyway, I hope you get the picture. We have been 'geen' earth mothers, aware of our planet,..and tried to give back, all of our lives..befor there was even a name for it!
RysMom RysMom 9 years
My mom is who turned me on to loving makeup and all things girlie. We live 1,000 miles apart so it's harder now to share girl time. This prize would be a great treat!
glassmaker41 glassmaker41 9 years
i think my wife would like this
RysMom RysMom 9 years
I'm going to be the mom of 3 soon! I need to feel pretty!!
klp1965 klp1965 9 years
my mom passed away in 1989 i miss her sooooooooooooooo much :(
kajaani292000 kajaani292000 9 years
MY Mom Rocks at 90 she walks every day ,in snow at times, swims when she can, belongs to groups and organizations/ meetings every week (retired educator) She is always multitasking; watching TV while doing crossword puzzles, newspapers spread in front of her. After a phone call with her I always feel I should pick up another hobby, run a marathon or start a new business . I am fairly active myself but to keep up with my mom I would have to be a super athlete.
Kathy61269 Kathy61269 9 years
I would love to makeover my mom! She doesn't wear any makeup so I would like her to look a little more up-to-date.
galena1 galena1 9 years
yes i would love this
tiglesia tiglesia 9 years
There is nothing more rockstar than a mama who can boast giving the same child life not once, but TWICE! My mom saved my life by giving me the heimlich when I was choking to death, her swift action saved my life, so I always say I have the only mom who gave her daughter life twice. Not sure what makes the prize for young mom's only or that the winner would keep it, my mom does and would use the products listed for sure.
jffryclough jffryclough 9 years
my mom rocks cause she just turned 80
sherri sherri 9 years
My mom should be a rock star She is the greatest by far. She is the very best Really, a cut above the rest. She can sing; she can dance And she's great at romance. My mom should have riches and fame Simply because Diamond's her last name. So Mom, to me you always rock on Your specialness will never be gone. I truly love you the most That's why I'm giving you this toast! rock star moms
tripateam tripateam 9 years
I find being a mother you have NO time for yourself. My mom could really use a little TLC.
DecorDiva DecorDiva 9 years
I am a mom, and love these comments! This mom loves Philosophy products, now that I can "pamper me"...but cannot find the just means to spend that kind of money on me...yet. My mom doesn't wear makeup, my Grandmother, who is 86 and doesn't look a day over 60 swears by Olay and that's it. I would love to win this and split it with myself, my mom and Grandma (the Glam Mom). Here's a conversation snippet with my and my daughter (now 18). I asked her to grab a towel for me, I was in the shower and forgot one. She handed me one, I said "not that one, it's too nice". She said" what do you mean "too nice", you are "nice". I said, "no, just grab one from the bottom (the not so nice towels). She insisted that I use the nice one. I felt bad for awhile about using a "nice towel". That is how us moms think. Moms unite! We are worth the nice towels!!
coachluvr33 coachluvr33 9 years
I would love to win this for my mom. She deserves all this nice stuff and would NEVER buy it for herself.
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