Dropping temperatures often equate to a less than glowing appearance of the skin. But you don't have to look like a poor turkey on Thanksgiving day during these cold-weathered months. In fact, this year, I'm giving my thanks to dermatologist/psychiatrist Dr. Amy Wechsler, who has not only provided us with her adult acne tips, but now she's got some helpful advice on banishing dry, wintry skin, along with suggestions for beauty-friendly gifts this holiday season. Find out what she has to say when you read more.

What are some simple things we can all do to improve our skin during the colder months?
Use a humidifier and keep moisturizing.

What are some of your favorite holiday gifts for the skin?
Sounds surprising but, I like to give red wine and dark chocolate. They're still festive but both are good for your skin (in moderation) because of the antioxidants they contain.

We all know we should be wearing sunscreen each day, but what's another piece of advice you give to all of your clients so that they have glowing, healthy skin?
Be sure to gently cleanse your face daily — with no rubbing or scrubbing! Also, be conscientious about moisturizing.