Throughout the past few days, I've been bringing you witchy how-tos, from Wicked's Elphaba to The Chronicle of Narnia's White Witch, and now let's get in on the Harry Potter action, with everyone's favorite quirky, kind-hearted witch, Luna Lovegood. With lofty physical characteristics, such as silvery-gray-toned eyes, waist-length dirty blond hair, slight brows, and a dreamy look in her eyes, Luna's often perceived as strange — even a bit loony — to those around her.

To get her unique look, wear light contacts, a pink cheek and lip stain, along with one seriously long, slightly disheveled blond wig. Finish off your costume with some radish earrings, a Ravenclaw scarf or tie, or butterbeer necklace. An optimistic, matter-of-fact disposition will make you truly authentic. For some extra magic, march to the beat of a different drummer with a pair of her distinctive pink glasses. Who knows what you'll see.

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