Woman With the Longest Fingernails Breaks Them in Car Accident
Woman's Record-Setting Fingernails Break in Car Accident

A few years ago our very own GiggleSugar reported on the phenomenon that is Lee Redmond, a Salt Lake City woman with record-breaking nails. And now, Redmond's back in the news, but this time it's for a rather unfortunate reason. Sadly, Redmond was involved a car accident earlier this week that ejected her from her SUV, causing her to break her Guinness World Record-setting fingernails.

Redmond had been growing her nails since 1979, and they totaled more than 28 feet in length! Her longest talon was her thumb, measuring an astonishing 2'11". That's a whole lot of polish. While the crash was serious, but non-life threatening, I'm sure she's probably devastated by her loss. We're just glad she's OK. Check out the gallery below for some photos. Warning: not for the faint of heart.

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