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Woman Sets Hair on Fire With Hairspray

A Beauty Disaster Makes This Woman a Village Idiot

Odd but true: bartender Dani Hamm recently was elected the official "Village Idiot" of Story, IN. She earned this dubious honor by igniting her hairsprayed locks while trying to light a cigarette and drive at the same time. Her prize, oddly, is a $100 tab at the bar where she already works. This may lead to a lot of drinking on the job. Have you ever experienced the flammable side of hairspray? And do you think this story deserved to get Dani some drinks at her own bar?

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GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
This has never happened since I rarely use hairspray. Most hairsprays contains alcohol and dry the heck out of my hair.
Faylinn Faylinn 7 years
I remember a girl in high school who had a similar experience. This girl loved having big hair, so much so she sprayed her hair with so much hairspray to give it that messy volume that was popular about 4-5 years ago. Before she leaves her car in the morning, she sprays a generous amount into her hair while simultaneously spraying the seats in her Lexus SUV (which her parents so lovingly bought for her). One day, during lunch, she snuck out to her car to have a cigarette. After she finished, she flicked her cigarette and it landed in the back seat and lit her car on fire. Now, I think she flicked her cigarette into the back and while it smoldered, she decided to spray her hair, causing the fire. Others I know think because her seats were so saturated with hairspray that it was enough to ignite her car. I had a rather enjoyable physics class that day, since many of us hung out by the window to see why the firetruck and firemen were surrounding the girl's car and to debate the many ways why her car was smoking.
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