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Women's Hair Loss Causes Include Divorce, Smoking, and Drinking

Divorce, Smoking, and Alcohol Will All Make You Lose Your Hair

A new study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests that marital stress, smoking, and heavy drinking disproportionately affect women's hair loss. The study, conducted on 42 sets of female identical twins, found that the major predictor of female hair loss was divorce or widowhood, but that heavy drinking and smoking also contributed significantly. In contrast, the primary predictor for male hair loss is genetics, followed by smoking, sun exposure, and dandruff.

Female hair loss, then, would appear to be driven far more by physical and emotional stress than genes. Interestingly, we know that marital stress like divorce does have plenty of other negative effects for men, including shortened lifespans. So if you want a full head of hair well into old age, don't smoke, drink moderately, and stay single.

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miss-leanne miss-leanne 5 years
I believe that was a joke.. Most people on this site have a sense of humor.
myheartistry myheartistry 5 years
"So if you want a full head of hair well into old age, don't smoke, drink moderately, and stay single." I think It's quiet unfair to suggest that staying single is the best option for avoiding hair loss! As if marriage in general is as poisonous to health/well-being as are other truly harmful components in a lifestyle like the consumption of alcohol. Trumping marriage won't help a woman feel , secure, strong and beautiful. You sugget " If you want a full head of hair well into old age...stay single"? That sounds quiet sad to me. That's just coming from a happily married woman, that all though I do struggle with hair loss at the moment (it's mostly due to a woman's change in hormones) still have a head full of fabulous hair.
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