Well, here's some news to make cosmetics executives smile wryly. According to a new survey, the less effective a beauty treatment is, the more likely women are to keep buying it.

Sounds like backwards logic, but a research team from University of Bath and Qatar University studied nearly 300 women, ages 27 to 65, who were trying to stave off aging through face creams, vitamins, and other treaments. Some of the findings:

They found that among women who felt that the treatments were not working, only 27 percent had stopped using the products; the rest said they wanted to continue using them. But among women who felt the treatments were successful, 55 percent had stopped using them.

Say what?!

According to the researchers, it's all about the ol' "hope in a jar" routine. When women are worried about looking older, they keep using products in hopes that they'll work. But when they start getting results from the products, they stop freaking out, and stop using the products. It's an interesting concept, no? Do you behave this way, or do you cling to your products?