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World's Largest Breast Implants Get Removed

World's Largest Breast Implants Get Removed

In scary cosmetic surgery news, Sheyla Hershey, a Texas woman who got implants to have M cup breasts, has had to have them removed after succumbing to staph and fungal infections.

In order to get her ginormous implants, she had to go to Brazil because doctors in the US aren't legally allowed to implant that much silicone — and with good reason. For months, Sheyla's had to have a special vacuum pump attached to her to siphon off fluid. She's also been on upward of three antibiotics at once because her body can't fight off bacteria. The entire ordeal sounds pretty scary and disturbing.

Does this story make you more wary of cosmetic surgery in general, or do you think that it was more a problem with the way Sheyla went about getting her mammoth mammaries?

Image Source: Thinkstock
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