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Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth on How He Gets That Sexy-Surfer Beach Hair
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Worst Hair Styles

What Was Your All-Time Worst Hair Moment?

Between the ages of 10 and 16, I had a crazy, curly permanent wave with thick bangs that I hair sprayed so heavily that they stood straight up! At the time, I thought I was too cool for school, but looking back I resembled a Bichon Frisé more than anything. Classy. What was your all-time worst hairstyle?


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ley ley 9 years
i was chic.. always had the anna wintour type hair since I was a kid right now its a bit different but same length
do-it do-it 9 years
My Preteen Years, , m y hair was soooooooooo bad
AliCherri1 AliCherri1 9 years
Pre-teen, I can't even explain it, it was just BAD, trust me!
scottiegirl scottiegirl 9 years
My hair was really bad when I was between the ages of 9-12. Back in the day they did not have very good hair styles. Nothing like the ones today. I love my hair now.
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
That's not a picture of Bella, people! :oy: RIGHT below the picture is a link that takes you to the source for that photo - it's a stock photo.
mizztissa mizztissa 9 years
It would probably be my second year of high school. I had started to develop an interest in fashion, and tried to be 'creative' with my style/hair. But remember crimping? lol
leanneluvsu leanneluvsu 9 years
All my life I've had dammaged hair, up until about 11th grade??? Relaxers are no joke, but my hair looks fabulous. Lots of love and care has gotten it to this wonderful place.
leanneluvsu leanneluvsu 9 years
Bella: Why would you posts a photo like that of yourself, do you have serious self-hatred issues? Are you trying to commit professional suicide. Stop playing... You're fired!1! Your credibility as a beauty maven has been stripped. Get gone and go be a secretary. lol.
michelle-c42934 michelle-c42934 9 years
When I was 13, I dyed my hair from dark brown to a dark reddish colour. Which was fine until I went skiing and the sunlight bleached my hair and it turned a nice dark orange colour
bbvFAN112 bbvFAN112 9 years
when i was in first grade! My mom cut my hair over my ears and i looked like a boy!!! well im 14 now and i will never let her get near my hair again!!
GlamHo GlamHo 9 years
Ugh. Right now I have the worst haircut of my life, which is unfortunate since I'm 24! I asked for katie holmes' most recent do from the mad money premiere, and that's SO not what I have!! the stylist cut in all these extra layers on the sides and the not blended. Ew :(
jennifer76 jennifer76 9 years
Well, I don't look back on the wall o' bangs days with too much shame. I mean, sure it looks ridiculous now, but it was the hotness then! :rotfl: I have a tie between the worst evers...when I was in 4th grade, my mom took me to a Supercuts and they totally butchered my little bob. I ended up having to go in to my mom's salon where the best they could do with it was a pixie. But, that made me look like a boy. So, then I had to get my ears pierced (yay for that!!). In high school, I went in to a salon to get a perm, but I specifically wanted really big loose curls. I even put my hair up in a big bun the night before so my hair would dry that way and look exactly like what I wanted them to do to it. Aaaand she gave me a spiral perm with poodle curls. :cry: I was devastated. I came out, took one look at my boyfriend and just started crying. Luckily for me, he marched back in there and got my money back. I was too shocked to do anything about it.
Kellylicious Kellylicious 9 years
I would do anything to go back to my preteen hair. It was long and super healthy and sunkissed.
karlorene karlorene 9 years
Right before Prom, I got a haircut and she took off inches more than I expected. I could barely get it into a ponytail using about 30 bobby pins, but that's how i wore it the rest of the year until it grew out... the worst, though, was my sophomore year of highschool. my sister and i had gone to this guy to get our hair cut. she went first and i loved her haircut and said I wanted exactly the same. He ended up cutting mine completely different and short (i'm used to having at least shoulder length hair) and told me he "didn't want us to resemble a pair of pants- we had to be different". i just remember walking out of there crying so hard and my sister was just cracking up
DejaVecu DejaVecu 9 years
Ah, the hairspray helmet followed by the unfortunate decision to perm. Fantastic.
veruca_eve veruca_eve 9 years
pre-teen. My mom hated long hair so she literally put the bowl on my head and cut around it, but she didn't shave the back of my neck, she just cut it too and it was always uneven (she's not even close to being a hairstylist) so it always looked terrible. Also, I had no front teeth until I was 9 or 10 so I really looked
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 9 years
Right before junior high...I used to practically fry my bangs with a curling iron every morning...So very sad. The rest of my hair I left alone except for coloring every once in awhile when I could sneak out to buy it. It was subtle, I always went to auburn. lol
FrankiLee FrankiLee 9 years
Definitely my worst hair was in my middle school the beginning of 7th grade, I decided I wanted to cut my hair really short, like boy short. Some girls can pull it off, but I CANNOT. And besides that, I was in sort of a tomboy stage, so I just looked like a boy. It was awful. Thinking back I can't believe it, because I am such a girly girl now. Then after my hair started growing out, I decided that hairclips were a good idea. Sparkly butterfly hairclips. In all different colours. And to make it even better, I wore five or six at one time, stretching across my head from one ear to the other. It was definitely not a good look for me!!!
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
from age 7 to maybe 9 I had short, curled cut that made me look like Little Orphan Annie. fug!!
rgrl rgrl 9 years
I am very proud to say that I have always stuck with a fairly natural look to my hair. I've never in my life had a perm, even though my hair is straight and could use more volume at times. I just tried different shades of brown and caramel highlights over the years, but can't say I had a horror moment.
Misha40 Misha40 9 years
Two hair lows in my life: rockin' the Dorothy Hamill in grade school, using Bouncin' and Behavin' and Beer on Tap shampoos; and in 1983, when I decided I wanted to try out the new "edgy" salon in town and get a color rinse, and I walked out with hair as yellow as Betty's from the Archies.
krEnElk krEnElk 9 years
i'm kind of with you, glowing mane. i have always wanted so badly to have (and look fabulous with) long flowing locks. i finally succombed to the fact that short hair is the only hair for me, so i look back on almost ALL of my old pics and curse myself :-D i'm loving my short hair now, though!
littlemissme littlemissme 9 years
My Preteen Years :OY: I was so embarrassed by my curly hair so I kept it tightly pulled back in a bun! Ugh!
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 9 years
In my opinion, my hair was always bad up until five years ago. I didn't know how to take care of it, and was using all the wrong products. I used to think I was cursed with bad hair. It's all changed now. Nowadays, I take good care of my hair. I eat well and exercise. My hair became healthier, as I became healthier. I use the right products for my hair type. Now I often receive compliments on my hair.
classysassy classysassy 9 years
preteen definitely, my hair was one, length, coarse, and i was into those butterfly clips.
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