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The Worst Makeup Advice You Ever Received

What's the Worst Makeup Advice Anyone's Ever Given You?

Whether you read about a new trend in a magazine or listened intently as a makeup artist doled out tips at the department store counter, I'm sure at some point or another you've received some pretty terrible makeup advice. Someone once told me that you should actually use an undereye concealer in a shade darker than your skin tone, the theory being that since the skin is usually darker in that area, deeper-toned coverage is more appropriate. Epic fail. While that piece of advice might work for some, I looked like the living dead. I'm sure all of us can say we've made a few errors in judgment when it comes to makeup thanks to someone else's "amazing" recommendation. What's your story?

michellescooking michellescooking 6 years
Cutting my cuticles. Why do manicurists do this? I have finally broken this horrible habit.
Miss-Janet Miss-Janet 6 years
I love red lipstick! It really attracts attention. I think when worn properly it looks sooo classy. I love wearing it whenever I really want to show off. *g*
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
Jody76, are you sure your sister isn't taking tips from Taylor Momsen? :)
Jody76 Jody76 6 years
Red lipstick looks great on everyone. I've seen this in lots of women's magazines. Not on me it doesn't. I prefer pink shades and neutrals.
Jody76 Jody76 6 years
My sister Jenny told me how to put on mascara and eyeliner. She said to get very dark mascara and very dark eyeliner. And really put them on thick... No, that doesn't look good (unless you love raccoon eyes). No, I prefer light eyeliner (in brown) and only 2 small coats of mascara (brown-black shade I prefer). Much prettier and more natural.
Smashboxchick Smashboxchick 7 years
Worst advice was when a friend told me to put powder on my lips before applying the lipstick. I did, and it made it look like I was some kind of drug addict with nasty cracky lips.
ThanksALatte ThanksALatte 7 years
gold eyeshadow would look great on you! HA
FlowerJump FlowerJump 7 years
Someone on youtube said to use Lipstick as eye primer... lol
summer210 summer210 7 years
Putting eyeshadow not just on the lid, but all around the eye, including underneath...a friend said it would look cool!
Skeptic52 Skeptic52 7 years
To apply my mascara holding the wand vertical...that's freaking stupid. Plus, my lashes look way better than any of theirs the way I do it anyway.
TinklePrincess TinklePrincess 7 years
How do you all know what your colouring is? Is there a chart somewhere? I jut say I'm a little bit pasty!! Also, worst make-up advice would be by my friend when I was around 19 and using a lash brush after applying my mascara, "What are you doing that for? You'll get rid of all the clumps!" What's that all about?! I don't want the clumps!! She tells me I don't wear enough mascara...
Mari-Claire Mari-Claire 7 years
Lol! I must have gone to the same "Beauty Advisor" at Make Up counter that FAYLINN went to! I have blonde hair, blue eyes, fair & pink undertone skin and they insisted on putting a Salmon Yellow Orange toned Eyeshadow on me even when I resisted! I have a picture wearing this and all you can see are two yellow orange crescents in the middle of my face! ugh! The worst was I felt pressured to buy it, but remember the delight of tossing it from my bag into a can on a street corner in Greenwich Village! (and I could have had a lovely lunch instead for what that Shu Uemura single color cost me!)
ladysonoma ladysonoma 7 years
I should probably star a new post but I have to add to this thread that most annoying thing about other people giving makeup advice is that they give advice that would suit them, not the person whom the advice is for. These people are the ones I just write off, if I get the sense they are trying to make me look like them, for get 'em... they don't know what they're talking about.
ladysonoma ladysonoma 7 years
All kinds of stuff... from fully lining my eyes in eye liner, to putting blush exactly on the apples of my cheeks, both of which are wrong for my face and eye shape. The worst thing was probably the advice to wear a pink frost lipstick because it went well with my olive complexion; I'm not olive complected either, I'm blue/red tone.
DeMaria482 DeMaria482 7 years
A "make-up artist" visitor at Dior tried so many different colors on each different of 5-colors eyeshadow sets on my eyes. I was very disappointed-- I wanted for a simple 5-color eyeshadow set. She expected me to buy at least 5 of 5-color eyeshadow sets. She was crazy. I guess she wanted to look good that she can sale works.
GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
Gawd so many to list. I ashamed to think about it.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
These are great!!
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
Hemlyn- same here! I just tried that blue-on-the-lips thing and my teeth looked gray. I washed it off immediately haha Also, the pulling on the lid to apply liquid eyeliner. Maybe it works for some, but it just ends badly for me. I apply just fine with my lid in normal shape, I don't need to stretch it out to get a straight line. I don't know why I tried to fix what wasn't broken when I attempted that one.
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