It's the battle of the nudes, but in the most G-rated of senses. Designer Stella McCartney is being sued over the use of this stripped-down word. Her new scent, StellaNude Eau de Toilette Spray ($43 to $81) is the product in question.

According to Bono's wife, Ali Hewson, who is the co-founder of Nude Skincare Stella's new fragrance is a bit too similar in terminology. A suit has been brought forth over the use of the word, and Stella's company would like to see it settle out of court.

But do Hewson and her partner have much of a case? The concept of nude-toned clothing is a large theme of Stella's fashions, and nude is a rather common word, after all. Plus, one brand is skincare and the other is a fragrance. What do you think? Would you be confused by these two nude lines, or does Hewson not even have a case?