Forget low-brow beauty. No-brow beauty could be the next big thing. Barely-there eyebrows are a reemerging trend. "Think of those looming images of Queen Elizabeth," noted makeup artist Pat McGrath told the New York Times.

McGrath, who was responsible for the no-brow look at the latest Balenciaga show and the light on the brows look at Prada, noted that perhaps it has something to do with the current financial state of the world. "The economic troubles we are facing now open people up to be more daring and willing to don cutting-edge looks," she explained.

Even the latest Givenchy print ad features the look, and it appears to be trickling down to the mainstream. "It’s unifying," fashion consultant Lauren Boyle told the newspaper. "There is an asexual element to no eyebrows. . . It’s an exercise in modernity." I can't help but be reminded of David Bowie's Aladdin Sane years and, of course, '90s model Kristen McMenamy. What about you? Would you go for the browless look, or do you prefer to keep yours just the way they are?