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Would You Keep Using a Product That Gives Amazing Results, Even Though You Dislike the Smell?

Yesterday, Pet and were talking about — what else? — our pets and our hairstyles. Noticing that her locks were looking particularly well-coiffed, I couldn't help but ask her about her secret. She told me that she's amazed by the results she gets from Kiehl's Creme With Silk Groom ($17.50 to $29.50) but could do without the scent.

Have you ever had a similar experience? Perhaps your pomade is perfect, but the aroma leaves much to be desired, or it's that your favorite shampoo gives you amazing body, along with a little too much floral notes for your liking. Would you keep using a product that gives astonishing results, even though the scent is stinky?

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blondie829 blondie829 7 years
philosophy's hope in a jar REEKS. but, i use it because it does wonders for my skin.
equestriennechic equestriennechic 7 years
Jergens moisturizer plus self-tanner works but stinks. The same type of product by both Nivea and Dove work just as well and smell 10X better.
betty-kraker betty-kraker 7 years
beauty is pain
soapybub soapybub 7 years
Yeah, if they don't fade, then no way. But I've had some great face serums that smell pretty unpleasant that I've kept with because a) they were really expensive and I didn't want to waste them, and b) they worked SO well. Of course, more because of 'b'. If it's something stupid like a lipstick, then I wouldn't keep using it. But any anti-aging, anti-blemish type of face stuff or any anti-frizz, amazing hair product I will cherish despite the smell as long as it fades quickly or is easily covered up by another smell (the covering up option usually only applies to the category of 'hair').
Suspiria Suspiria 7 years
Yes, but the smells MUST fade.
Allytta Allytta 7 years
bio-oil anyone? i know it's good and i saw amazing results, but the smell is just too potent for me. lavender and roses - ew!
genipher85 genipher85 7 years
I bought this generic brand of an SPF face cream because the name brands are all so expensive for some reason. And it smelled aweful and I haven't even seen it since that one time use.
laomy laomy 7 years
yes.. perfect example - Kinerase clear skin serum. Smells like cat breath after kitty has licked its butt, but it works really well.... my husband always makes fun of me, but I dont care!
lemamike lemamike 7 years
anyone used neutrogena T-gel shampoo? it is putting coal tar on your head and it smells like it. GROSS!
lemamike lemamike 7 years
Yes! ah, all of the "natural glow" type of lotions have that self tanner smell. i really can't stand it!
bingbingboom bingbingboom 7 years
A perfect example is nail polish, I hate the smell, but I can live with it as long as it goes away in a few minutes. However, I do avoid strong scented beauty products in general.
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 7 years
As long as the smell fades fairly quickly I would use the product if it works. It's hard to find things that really do what the promise & work well for specific needs.
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 7 years
Yes. I have and I would in the future. A lot of acne treatments products smell yes than yummy, but I'll use whatever works.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 7 years
Yeah, as long as it is good for me and works, I'm okay with the scent.
risqueredhead risqueredhead 7 years
ugh, I can't stand really strong unpleasant smells. Example, tea tree oil. It's so strong, and it smells so bad. I also hated the smell of Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner, I returned it.
smiley13tree smiley13tree 7 years
The smell really puts me off. I will not use anything that smells uncomfortable to me.
LMessing LMessing 7 years
Yes, absolutely: chances are if I've used a stinky product at all it's because I have a super-specific need. I'm thrilled to finally have found something that works, so I'll live with the smell. Case in point: neem-based facial cleanser. That stuff absolutely REEKS but is the only product that consistently knocks out and prevents the weird bacterial thing I get on my chin. It's good for all kinds of uses, but beware - it's incredibly foul-smelling.
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
Smells fade. It's not a huge deal, as most things don't smell like dog poop. Since it doesn't, suck it up. The results are worth the 2 second smell you hate.
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 7 years
My boyfriend hates the smell of my Dermalogica Active Moist moisturiser but I don't really care as I love it.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
This is the definition of self tanner! My husband hates the scent so much and doesn't come near when I put it on; but sometimes I can't be pasty white such as weddings so I suck it up and deal with it.
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