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Would You Rather Win the Nobel Peace Prize or ANTM?

Have you ever gotten into a this-or-that style debate with your friends? You know the ones. They're the questions you ask about whether you'd marry for looks or for money, or would you have your head shaved to save a stranger. These are just among some of the philosophical inquiries that were asked of 18 to 34 year olds in a recent poll put together by the Oxygen network.

My personal favorite was the following: would you rather win the Nobel Peace Prize or America's Next Top Model? Are you surprised that 25 percent of the 2,000 women surveyed said ANTM? I'm all for looking and feeling good, but let's put it in perspective, 25 percenters. What would you choose — world peace or the runway?


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zeze zeze 8 years
I really hope 58 (as of this moment) were kidding when they voted.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Pirate-Princess Pirate-Princess 8 years
Definitely Nobel then ANTM. Besides the money. It is more likely to be a jeopardy answer if you are awarded a noble peace prize.
Jinx Jinx 8 years
You get a million dollars for the Nobel, don't you? I doubt you get that kind of prize for ANTM, and they all disappear after anyways. I'd rather be rich, than famous! ;)
Isista Isista 8 years
Is this even a question? I love ANTM, but on one hand we have maybe 5 minutes of fame and a CoverGirl campaign and on the other we have an award for actually DOING something worth recognizing and showing that we have intelligence. Oh gee, such a hard decision *eyeroll*
mally313 mally313 8 years
NPP, why... because you can still be hot and promote world peace! Plus it comes with a million dollars.
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 8 years
Nobel Peace Prize. Because if I win ANTM I will never make it to a real fashion magazine and end up doing mall fashion shows.
goddessru goddessru 8 years
I'm glad to see the majority said NPP. If ANTM had an advantage, I would be scared for my future.
vanitypot vanitypot 8 years
the Nobel prize! you can have the ANTM-worthy body (right food, exercise, whatever) while holding on to that peace prize and making a difference in the world.. :)
cherryblossom cherryblossom 8 years
all of the "americans next top models" never ever are americas next top models in reality i mean you NEVER see them anywhere except the occasional benefit or so on but i would definately win the nobel peace prize, just cause your smart doesnt mean you cant be pretty too, its just a far greater honor, and its nice to see that most people agree.
Gwen-G Gwen-G 8 years
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 8 years
TyTy - you do look a MESS in the picture. They must have caught you at a bad moment or maybe that is subliminal messaging - hahaha!
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 8 years
Ummmm: This should never be a question - NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. I mean really - what is thr world coming to? * The models that do win ANTM don't do anything anyways besides the occassional fashion/tv hosting gig - no difference than making it on your own. - That show shouldn't even be on anymore if u ask me. Haven't watched in years.
Sophie827 Sophie827 8 years
WTF? Essentially this question is asking what type of person you'd like to be - someone who works to make the world a better place, or someone who gets a handful of modelling jobs? I don't know why anyone would pick ANTM. I don't know about the American show but on the Australian one they pick the contestants apart for the 'entertainment' of others.
Ms-Demeanor Ms-Demeanor 8 years
What's with the crazy eyes, Tyra??
Ms-Demeanor Ms-Demeanor 8 years
I just want all those clothes and make-up to play with. A pretty bitch is a happy bitch!
caryatid caryatid 8 years
please tell me that is wax tyra...
usinda usinda 8 years
Nobel peace prize! Wow can't believe some people are so shallow to want 15 minutes (and not even that!) of fame rather than helping to make the world a better place. Who even cares about the winners of ANTM? Their careers never take off anyways.
vanilla19 vanilla19 8 years
Wow, really? This is obvious, the Nobel Peace Prize! Not only because you because you get more money and are more famous, but because you have worked hard to accomplish something that will be remembered even after you're gone.
smiley13tree smiley13tree 8 years
I definitely think nobel peace prize. you a lot more famous, and you are awarded for actions actually worth being remembered 100 years for now.
moineau moineau 8 years
haha, how is that even a contest? ANTM is so obsolete
pharm_chick pharm_chick 8 years
yeah, me and my friends had a beauty vs brains talk once, and brains won hands down. besides, if your smart and super rich you could afford plastic surgery to look like whatever you want lol.
minze minze 8 years
Nobel Peace Prize of course. I could still sign with an agency even if I didn't win ANTM.
cordata cordata 8 years
umm ... WHAT???? Exactly what benefit is there is winning ANTM? Those girls don't even get 1 min of fame, let alone 15.
Tabloid Tabloid 8 years
IMO... ANTM has no value, seriously. I'd rather have brain than beauty. If I ever receive a Nobel prize, I'll be on top of the world and who wouldn't pick peace??
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